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What is a ‘web 2.0’ type experience? Nobody seems to know for sure, but there is a few common ideas. There’s the gradients and corners, the community-social-linking-sharing love in and the catastrophic shortage of vowels.

While there is debate about whether or not CampaignMonitr itself qualifies (surely email is pretty much web 0.5!), we do see Campaign Monitor used a lot for one more web 2.0 ingredient, the teaser signup page.

You know the ones, with the enormous text field for adding your address, the big logo and the promise of an impending launch for a new web application. Ideally the page should give almost nothing away about what the application actually does.


We love a good teaser page, and Campaign Monitor is a great tool to use when setting one up.

You can create your account, setup a list, and collect names and email addresses as long as you like for absolutely no cost, you only pay when you send (which gives you time to secure that second round of funding!).

Super designer Shaun Inman, creator of the excellent Mint which we use ourselves, has written up how he built his teaser page for the upcoming Fever.

My sign-up pages usually have three states:

  • The sign-up form
  • The status message for subscribers
  • The unsubscribe message for the dearly departed

All three states are served from the same page. Which state is displayed depends on an optional query string and the presence of a cookie.

Shaun goes on to provide his actual PHP code to make it all work, which you can use for your own pages. The technique uses Campaign Monitor’s ability to have custom unsubscribe and subscribe redirect page URLs for each list.

Jump over to the Fever site and add yourself to see it in action. Thanks to Shaun for sharing his code, and for his kind words about Campaign Monitor!

p.s Please consider this your invitation to post a link to your own teaser page, we’d love to see them!

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