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Since we officially launched the Campaign Monitor Giving Back program, we’ve had tons of interest from all over the world. Here’s a few upcoming events we’re helping out with, and that you might like to attend.

Ignite Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Sydney’s first Ignite evening is happening tomorrow night, and Campaign Monitor is sponsoring. Ignite is a presentation format that’s growing in popularity – you get 20 slides, and each slide lasts just 15 seconds before automatically changing.

Multipack (Birmingham, UK)
The Multipack is “a community of multi-talented Web professionals from across the West Midlands”. Campaign Monitor is sponsoring the February event, so if you are in the area, get involved!

Comox Valley Web Posse (Vancouver Island, Canada)
A community bringing together designers, developers, content specialists and IT professionals to exchange ideas, education, and encourage each other. The next event is Thursday, January 22nd.

Hull Digital (Hull, UK)
A new meetup especially aimed at people involved locally with a web-based business, working for an online agency, or using the web on a daily basis as part of their working day. Their first meetup is on January 31st.

Refresh Doylestown (Pennsylvania, USA)
This Refresh group meets monthly in Bucks County for a structured discussion relevant to web professionals and enthusiastic web amateurs.

Launch48 (London, UK)
The aim of Launch48 is to bring together participants from different backgrounds and levels of experience in the web industry to think/plan/develop and launch one or multiple web apps in one weekend. That’s right, in 48 hours! We thought it was an awesome idea and as well as helping out with catering, we’re providing a number of free accounts for any developers interested in integrating their app with our API.

Designed in Devon (Devon, UK)
Designed in Devon is a new organization that represents all creative professionals living or working in the Devon county. The Designed in Devon were given a free Campaign Monitor account to keep in touch with their members about upcoming events and industry related news.

If any of these groups is nearby you, then why not stop by – they’d all love to see more people joining in. If you’re involved in a group or event yourself, and it’s web designer focused, then visit our giving back page to see how we could help.

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