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We’re a lucky bunch at Freshview. Not only do we have sweet offices but we’re also located very close to the southern beaches of Sydney. Last week as part of our regular First Friday Fun the Sydney based team members headed out to Cronulla Beach and took a two hour falling awkwardly surfing lesson.


Every member of the team was eventually able to at least get up on the board (and through the magic of still photography, to appear expert!). There were plenty of ‘almost made it’ moments…


and eventually some glorious (and well celebrated) successes…


Of course, some of our staff don’t understand how surfing is meant to look at all…


You can see more photos from the day in our Flickr feed.

While most of us are in Sydney, we do have a couple of awesome customer support team members based near Portland, Oregon. For many of you, Diana and Davida will be the friendly people you most deal with if you need to contact us around the US business day (don’t worry, they get their own Friday Fun events too!). Between our US team members and the Sydney crew, we’ve provided support through much of the day.

Today we are very excited to announce a new member of the Freshview team that you might also soon come to know. From way up in Norway, Stig is our new customer support legend. We first spotted Stig brilliantly answering questions in our forums and we’re thrilled to have him come on board as a full time team member.

That means our support team now spans the globe (and the clock), from Australasia to Europe and North America and can help you out at almost any time. Of course we’re always working to make sure you never need to contact us, but if you do you’ll be in good hands.

As you guys keep sending more and more emails, we’re working to make sure we can stay one step ahead.

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