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One thing Campaign Monitor is perfect for is capturing subscribers or anyone interested in what you have to say. Because of our only pay when you send pricing, it doesn’t cost a cent to build a healthy subscriber list.

We often stumble across some sweet looking landing pages our customers have integrated with Campaign Monitor, so I figured I’d share a couple I’ve come across recently.


SixCentral is a soon to launch client and proposal management system. The teaser page does a great job of explaining what the product does, and I loved the Twitter integration at the top of the page to encourage those interested to follow development.



Beak is a sweet looking new Twitter client under development by Mike Rundle. The page is careful not to give too much away in the screenshot, but the hint of the “Link Stats” section integrated into the app itself is sure to generate interest.



jQTouch is an exciting new jQuery plugin from talented designer David Kaneda. It provides things like native animations, auto list navigation, and default app styles for WebKit browsers like iPhone, G1, and Pre. An alpha release is already available and you can sign up to be notified when the official release happens.


Stimulate Conference

Stimulate is an exciting new design and entrepreneur conference this September in Salt Lake City. With talent like Cameron Moll and Jeffrey Kalmikoff already on the roster, it’s looking like a great event.



Fever is a mysterious new project from the always impressive Shaun Inman. With little more than the tagline “Red hot. Well read.” Shaun isn’t giving much away just yet. It’s worth signing up so you can be the first to find out.



NightOwl is a new Twitter app that allows you to schedule tweets that are of interest to you and your followers. Just like the SixCentral teaser, the NightOwl page nicely integrates their Twitter feed so those interested can dig in for more until the official release.



Chargd is a yet-to-be-released billing application that makes it easy to get paid (who doesn’t like that). The page is careful not to give much else away, so it’s worth signing up if this looks up your alley.


  • Rob Winters

    Love the Fever one, very bold and unforgettable.

    Not sure if our one is inspirational but might be worth a look. At HireFox we used the custom fields to capture more information about our potential members which will be used to populate their profile when we launch. It means we can start the data capture stage early with little effort leaving us more time to concentrate on developing our product.

  • Rob Winters

    Sorry that link was supposed to be http://www.hirefox.co.uk

    That will teach me to self promote :)

  • David Greiner

    Rob, that’s a great approach to take, thanks for sharing, although I think the supplied link might be wrong, apparently the domain is for sale (or is that the most targeted comment spam in history)?

  • Diana Potter

    Hey Rob, that is a great one. I think you meant to point people here though, to .co.uk rather than .com :).

  • Rob Winters

    Doh! Yup .co.uk not com :)

  • Ian

    Good selection, hirefox is nice and simple, like it.

  • Toni

    Great collection!

    For even more launching soon pages check out http://launchsoon.com/gallery.php

  • jani anderson

    Well done! This is a great post for us all-in-one developers.

    I’ll be working on mine soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


  • jani anderson

    Well done! This is a great post for us all-in-one developers.

    I’ll be working on mine soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


  • adrian Chan

    fever — perfect pitch design! i agree — very well done — and will be passing that one around.

  • David Allred

    The more simple the better! Thanks for the examples!

  • Miguel

    I´m a campaign monitor user and I was inspired by the http://launchsoon.com/gallery.php (is in spanish the keywords in english are http://SaleRent.com

  • James Bavington

    The Night-Owl Teaser looks great, even though the page is so simple, you can tell that an experienced designer ( or more than likely team of designers ) have put a huge amount of effort into that page.

    There is however some bizzare iframe – Google Ads going on behind that pretty face though, I just viewed the source, seems a bit strange.

  • George Snow

    Is there a simple way of adding a ‘subscribe’ function to a Flash based page?

    Can the process be automated so that an email address automatically added to my subscriber list?

    Today is my first day with Campaign Monitor so excuse me if this is an oft repeated question.

    George Snow

  • Steve Piper

    I’m loving the examples!

  • SelectaDesigner

    The new launch page for SelectaDesigner.com (http://www.selectadesigner.com) is integrated using Campaign Monitor ;)

  • IamaLandingPageDesigner

    loved the hirefox one.

    Here are some more teaser page design inspirations: iamalandingpagedesigner.com

  • Andrew Fernandez

    I just started using campaign monitor…im working on a rebrand of it. So far all i got is a teaser page. I used mainly this blog post as inspiration. check it out


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