Deliverability Problems Resolved


Yesterday morning, Sydney time, our IP addresses were added by a major blacklist provider to one of their lists. We discussed the problem in more detail in our blog post to keep you all up to date. We also posted updates and answered questions on our twitter account.

We just wanted to give some more details, most importantly to let you know that the block was removed.

We are no longer blacklisted

We finally heard back from Spamhaus late last night, letting us know they had removed the listing. At that point, many of the blocking problems were instantly resolved, including Yahoo mail. However, a lot of smaller ISPs and email providers maintain their own lists, and use Spamhaus as one of their sources.

So our support team then ensured that we contacted and were delisted by all of those companies too. A special thanks to Diana, support team legend, who did a lot of that work.

The end result is that the vast majority of blocks have been resolved now. We are still waiting for some of those smaller delistings to trickle through and take effect, and expect that to happen sometime today. If your campaign is not urgent, it would be best to wait a little longer to give those providers more chance to update their lists.

Please contact us for refunds of the blocked emails

If your campaign (or your client’s campaign) was impacted, please contact support and let us know. We will add credits to your account to cover the actual blocks, and also the sending fee, so you can resend the campaign to the affected subscribers at no cost.

How can I resend to the people who were blocked?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a direct way to do this for you. You have a couple of options, depending on the size of the campaign and which domains were blocked for you.

Create a segment of the blocked domains

If you look at your campaign report, and you can see that you had soft bounce blocks from up to (say) 10 different domains, you can send just to those people. To do that, first make a list of the domains you want to send to.

Then, jump into the ‘segments’ section of your list. See our help topic on segments for an overview of the process. For this method, you’ll want to create a segment based on email addresses.

Setup a series of OR rules like

Email address CONTAINS yahoo


Email address CONTAINS hotmail

Adding in each of the domains you want to resend to. This method will be the most accurate way to send to the people you know did not receive it. If you have too many domains to deal with, you’ll need to use the second method:

Create a segment of all unopened emails

This method is much faster, if you have people from a lot of different domains being blocked. Again, you would create a segment, but this time using a rule like:

Campaign (your campaign name) WAS NOT opened

If you use this method, it is quite likely you will resend to some people who did actually get your email (see how open tracking works), so you may want to add a notice to the top of your email apologising and explaining the situation.

Exporting the bounces and creating a new list

This technique is quite simple and effective as a one off resend. You can view your affected campaign, and click through to the soft bounces. If you see that most or all look like blocks, you can export the list of bounces from that page. Then create a new subscriber list, and import the file you just created. That gives you a list you can send the campaign to, and then delete afterwards.

The choice of which technique to use really depends on the size of your campaign, how heavily it was impacted and how urgent the material is. Keep in mind that you may not need to resend at all. It is unlikely that every person who was blocked would have actually opened the email, so you may decide just to send your next campaign to everyone as per normal.

These blocks were only soft bounces, so the subscribers will still be active in your list. We’d like to apologise again for the trouble this has caused, and please know that we are already working on ways to avoid being in this position again.

We’d also like to thank everyone who was supportive and understanding during this period, all of us at Campaign Monitor really appreciate it.

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