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Landing a new customer for your rebranded Campaign Monitor can sometimes be tricky, especially if the potential client already has a newsletter system.

One of the best ways to sell them on the idea of Campaign Monitor is by letting them actually use it for themselves, and see how easy it is. Of course, you don’t want to end up paying for their ‘test campaign’ which goes out to their entire 20,000 person list! Fortunately, there is a simple way to set up a demo account that won’t let them spend your money.

First, create a demo client (you might want to set it up with their company name to make it feel customized to them). Add a subscriber list of 5 or less people, so emails sent to that list will be free. Now you have a couple of options for how to limit this demo account.

Under ‘client settings’, you’ll want to hit ‘Edit Access and Billing’. Check the ‘Create and send their own campaigns’ box. At this point, you could simply set the client to pay for their own campaigns. So if they do decide to go ahead and send to a larger list, they’ll have to add their own card details and pay themselves.

Sometimes, this will be fine. In other cases, you may not want to allow that at all. So your other choice is to pay on their behalf. To make this work, you’ll need some email credits in your account. Once you have them, click ‘Allocate email credits’ under client settings. Now you can allocate a small number of credits to your demo client.


The key is to given them either an amount you are happy to let them spend (like the 1,000 credits above), or an amount that will only let them send free campaigns (i.e less than 500 credits). Then make sure you have selected ‘Don’t allow them to send until I allocate more credits to them’ under ‘When their credits run out’.

Now your demo client has a hard limit on how many emails can be sent. Your potential client can login, manage subscribers, send test campaigns and view reports, but not spend any money. If they try to send a larger campaign, they’ll see this message:


You can give out the details to your demo account without having to worry. We’d love to hear about how you demo Campaign Monitor to your clients, so if you have a trick you are willing to share, post a comment.

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