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The annual migration of the nerds will be upon us soon, as thousands flock from all over the world to Austin, Texas for the SXSW Interactive Festival. Last year one of our US based team members, Diana, attended and met up with some of you guys.

In 2010, we might even get some of the Sydney team to travel halfway round the world to be there, chat to actual real live people and take part in the SXSW experience. Both Diana and I have submitted proposals for panel and talk ideas, and if you find any of them potentially interesting, we would love for you to add your vote. Here’s what we’ve got lined up, should our panels be picked:
Keeping Sane While Working From Home (Diana Potter)
Diana is a veteran work from home support legend for Campaign Monitor, and she’s learned some tricks about making it work when it’s just you, the cat and a house plant barely clinging to life. She’ll also discuss maintaining balance and boundaries when your home is your office.
Blending Traditional Support Techniques with Social Networking (Diana Potter)
If you follow Campaign Monitor on Twitter or see us in forums and Facebook you will know we are pretty active. Handling support from so many different directions is a challenge, and Diana will discuss how to practically make it work.
HTML Email: The Evil That Men Do? (Mathew Patterson)
I’m planning to setup a panel battle to the mild-injury between a plain-text wielding designer, an HTML email loving marketer and us, the email service provider. Is there any hope for a negotiated peace settlement? Or is this a “nuke them from space” situation?
The Forgotten Power of Email (Mathew Patterson)
I’ve spoken to some very modern web companies, like and 37signals about why in the age of Web n+1 they still use email. Find out how this oldest of Internet mediums can still make a big difference in the modern world, and maybe get some ideas you can use yourself.
If you would like to hear any of these panels or talks, please click the links above and add your vote, we’d really appreciate it. You will need a free SXSW account, but then it is as simple as clicking the thumbs up. Voting closes on Friday, September 4th at midnight CST. You can visit the PanelPicker to browse and vote for any of the many, many proposed items.

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