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UPDATE: The blacklisting has now been removed, and we’ve verified that emails to Hotmail and Yahoo are being delivered as per normal. We’ve released all the delayed emails and they are sending right now, although it may take some time for the queue to be fully sent.

Some smaller domains may take a while to refresh their blacklists, so we would expect to see slightly higher bounce rates while the removal trickles down. Please accept our apologies for the delays.

Late last night (Sydney time) we discovered that some of our delivery servers have been picked up by the popular blacklist provider Spamhaus. In this case, the servers were blacklisted because of one or more complaints about a campaign sent by one customer in particular.

As soon as we became aware of the issue, we took the following immediate steps:

1. We closed this customers account pending a further review from our approvals team.
2. We contacted Spamhaus about the issue, provided them with all the details about this customer and explained our commitment to never spamming. We are currently awaiting a response.
3. Immediately stopped delivering emails to ISP’s that are known users of Spamhaus. The most significant of these is Yahoo! and Hotmail. To ensure those emails are not rejected, they are currently quarantined on our mail servers and will be released the moment the listing is resolved.
4. Working with any customers impacted before we identified the issue. If you sent a campaign in the last two hours and notice a high bounce rate, get in touch and we’ll organize a full refund for the campaign and let you know how to resend to those recipients later.

Should I still send this campaign I’ve been working on?

If your email is timely and must get delivered to your Yahoo! and Hotmail subscribers at the same time as the rest of your subscribers, then we don’t recommend sending now. While we’ll be quarantining the majority of email impacted by the block, there may be additional subscribers at other domains that could also result in a bounce. If you want to avoid any risk of this altogether, we recommend holding off sending until the issue is resolved.

However, if you’re prepared to accept that risk and for your Hotmail and Yahoo! subscribers to receive your campaign a little later than everyone else, feel free to send now. At this stage we don’t have an estimate as to when the listing will be resolved, but in our experience it can take up to 24 hours. While this delay shouldn’t impact most of you, we wanted to be as transparent as possible.

How will I know when email to these subscribers will be sent

We’ll keep everyone updated through this blog post, and also via our Twitter account. As soon as we have confirmation these subscribers are in the clear, we’ll let you know.

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