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From 11:30am to 3:35pm AEST (GMT +11), a number of major issues including downtime were encountered by Campaign Monitor users. The application should now be restored to full functionality.

What happened?

This morning, our team attempted to push live a routine update during a time when the least number of users would be affected (a Sunday night for most of you). Unfortunately, we encountered some unexpected problems which took considerable time to investigate and correct.

What was affected?

Most Campaign Monitor functions were impacted, as well as the actual email campaigns. These included:

  • Customers unable to login to Campaign Monitor accounts
  • Links in campaigns not working
  • Subscribe forms returning errors
  • API calls failing

You may also have been able to login, but then received errors at different parts of the application. This was also an effect of the same root cause.

What we did about it

Our technical team worked flat-chat to get Campaign Monitor and your email campaigns back up and running. We’re still working on improving performance, so you may experience some slowness in the short term.

Now that the outage is over we are concentrating on why this routine update did not go to plan, and we’ll take the steps to ensure that an extended outage like this is avoided in the future.

We’re also looking at a better process for informing users of planned downtime, in addition to the existing notifications inside your account.

We’re really sorry for the problems we have caused you and your clients – if you feel you were impacted, please contact the support team and let us know. Our thanks goes to everyone who contacted us about the errors.

  • Puppy

    Glad to help, and thanks for fixing it!

  • Kate Lundin

    Having problems today? it was working fine, and now is in sludge slow mode…not even functional

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Kate, we’re having a few database issues with our app at present, I’m sorry to say. The team is hard at work on it, so hopefully we’ll be back shortly.

    In the interim, stay tuned to #cmupdate on Twitter for the latest updates – we’ll be letting folks know there as soon as we’re back in action.

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