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Updated! For the latest @font-face support results, take a look at our Web Fonts guide.

We recently did a round of testing with the help of the Typekit team to see if there was a viable way to get @font-face working in popular email clients. Given the rate of image blocking in email, @font-face support would be an awesome technique to style the text in your email without the need for images.

Fonts in email

Imagine sending an email like the one above that rendered like this in popular email clients even with images disabled.

How we tested

For testing purposes, we tried the following @font-face techniques:

  1. Traditional method of declaring the @font-face and the element to use that font family in <style> in the <head>
  2. Declared the font-face in <style> in the <head> and then called it inline using style="font-family:..."
  3. Declared the font-face in the <style> in the <head> and <body> using encoded data URIs and used the 2 combinations above to tie it to an element.

Because of the syntax of @font-face, there is no way to embed a font inline using src: url("...").

The results

Desktop email clients Result Notes
Apple Mail Yes Font renders
Entourage 2008 No Fallback font displayed
Lotus Notes 6, 7 and 8.5 No Fallback font displayed
Outlook 2007 No Fallback font displayed
Outlook 2003 No Fallback font displayed
Thunderbird No Fallback font displayed
Windows Mail No Fallback font displayed
Web-based email clients Result Notes
AOL Web No Fallback font displayed
Gmail No Fallback font displayed
Hotmail No Fallback font displayed
MobileMe No Fallback font displayed
MySpace No Fallback font displayed
Mobile email clients Result Notes
iPhone Yes Font renders

Unfortunately, the embedded font only rendered in Apple Mail 3 and 4, plus the iPhone. None of the other dektop email clients came to the party. On the web-based side, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail stripped the @font-face CSS from the email automatically. Because it isn’t possible to actually move @font-face inline, and all email clients strip JavaScript by default, it looks to be impossible to get @font-face to render across all the popular email clients.

We’ll be keeping a sharp eye on how @font-face and other style rules shape up in the future – until then, it’s better to stick to the web fonts you love and know. Of course, if you use our email client reports and a large percentage of your subscribers use Apple Mail and the iPhone, this might be a cool way to add some extra flair to your next email design.

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