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Using Dynamics CRM 2011? View the Dynamo connector by Applications A/S

For our enterprise friends with big campaigns and bigger budgets, Applications A/S has recently released CMCRM to provide Campaign Monitor integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. With this Windows service, you can manage your email marketing campaigns, including tasks such as automatically synchronizing your Dynamics CRM marketing list with your subscriber list, handling unsubscribes and viewing campaign reports, all from within Dynamics CRM. It’s a very powerful tool for corporate folks looking to monitor their marketing campaigns from the comfort of their desktop.


For Windows-centric agencies, CMCRM closes the gap between established Dynamics CRM users and a fully-fledged email marketing service like Campaign Monitor. Michael from Applications A/S kindly let us know that CMCRM is currently in use on a number of projects by a Campaign Monitor reseller in Denmark, with the future goal of pitching Campaign Monitor as the email marketing tool of choice for Dynamics CRM.

CMCRM comes in two editions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, however as the self-hosted agency version is selling for a one-time flat fee of €1,450 (show in my currency), anyone can see this is squarely aimed at the enterprise… Or folks with a tolerance for the licensing fees that come with Windows product integrations. Read more about CMCRM or contact the team at Applications A/S for further details.

Take a look at our other integrations & plugins

Are you after a signup form for your ExpressionEngine site? A survey app that plays nice with your subscriber list? Or are you looking for a handy way to contact event attendees by email? We’ve just launched a new Integrations and Plugins page so you can quickly track down apps, plugins and add-ons that integrate with Campaign Monitor.


It’s still a work in progress, so expect a couple of changes to our design and navigation in the near future. However, if you’re after a particular integration and can’t find it here, take a look at our trusty Downloads, Plugins & Extensions page for a comprehensive view of the Campaign Monitor-friendly downloads available.

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