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Meet MailBox Design. They’re a new graphic design business with roots in educational publishing, based in Buckinghamshire, UK. Last week, we were chuffed to receive from them a brochure showcasing their snazzy Campaign Monitor rebrand – not only because it was so, well, educational, but a great example of how you can promote your email marketing service, too!

If you’re looking for marketing inspiration, or simply want insight into how to start offering email to your clients, read on.

It’s in the mail…

“We selected Campaign Monitor as it is the best fit for what we are trying to achieve in this area, and we love the product.”

We commonly get asked to provide examples of reseller collateral such as executive summaries and slide decks. The great news is that these aren’t that far off, however in the meantime, we’d like to share Mailbox Design’s brochure as inspiration for your own marketing campaigns. Not only does it provide a concise summary of what a rebranded Campaign Monitor account has to offer, but also provides some very compelling reasons why email totally blows other sales and marketing channels out of the water. In short, the kind of stuff your new clients really want to see.

Which leads on to how we actually received the brochure – in a handwritten envelope, via the good old-fashioned postal service.

Marketing, when you have a subscriber list of zero

“Many of our regional business link organizations organize meetings – we will be handing them out to anybody that attends, nobody will be safe!”

After having a bit of a giggle about emailers sending paper mail to emailers, we got in touch with Stephen DeBanks at MailBox to find out more about his marketing efforts. Thankfully he saw the irony in it too, however it did highlight the difficulty in kicking off a business with an email marketing campaign, when your client base (and subscriber list) is effectively zero. Even with existing customers in tow, there’s always the issue of permission – unless your customers actively opt-in for your newsletters, of course.

So, what do you do when you’re an emailer, with no-one to email?

Stephen’s answer was to kick off a grassroots campaign, distributing this brochure via the mail, amongst local businesses, at product demos and at meetings. For specific companies, he hit the telephone, too. This solved the problem of not having permission to get in touch with contacts via email… And probably provided a great opportunity to legitimately sign people up for MailBox Design’s newsletter.

In the future, Stephen hopes to pitch MailBox Design at industry events – and this brochure is a great way to give his message a lasting impact.

Stephen noted that both time and money were both factors, especially when distributing the brochures by mail. He made the most of the latter by adding a personal touch – hand-written, brown paper envelopes – to affirm that it wasn’t simply a mass mailout to anyone that would listen. Also, there’s the element of surprise – no-one expects to receive a note from an email marketing company via the post!

Many thanks to Stephen at MailBox Design for sharing his story with us. Find out more about rebranding Campaign Monitor – it’s free and easy to get started with.

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