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Are you looking towards changing your company name? Or has a client’s recent acquisition meant a revision of their branding?

Communicating a change of name, brand, email address and the like has to be one of the most important items on the ‘to-do’ list during a company transition. However, it’s very easy to skip on providing all the necessary details, amidst all the fiddly-ness that happens during a changeover.

We got thinking about this after we received the following excellent email campaign from Threadbird Printing (formerly Storenvy Printing), which in our eyes, ticked most of the necessary boxes when it announced its rebrand to their subscribers:

From: Storenvy <printing[at]>
Subject: Storenvy Printing is now Threadbird Printing

Threadbird Printing

There are a couple of things we love about this newsletter. First of all, you don’t even have to open it to see that Storenvy Printing is now called Threadbird Printing – the subject line says it all. This is excellent for busy, inbox-overloaded folks who might not time at the moment to actually open (or keep) what they might assume is another marketing message.

Secondly, the sender name and domain is still the old, established and recognized company brand. Despite the temptation to quickly switch over to the new ‘From:’ line, Threadbird Printing recognize that their new name may not be familiar to their customers. Using the old sender name gives customers a chance to associate both Storenvy Printing and Threadbird Printing as one and the same company, prior to sending under the new Threadbird banner.

Finally, the whole campaign is about this change of details and clearly features both the old and new branding. The newsletter reassures readers that they’re “the same great people with the same great service”, informs them that they have a new website and even incentivizes folks to drop by and check out their ‘killer’ sale. So next time they send a campaign, Threadbird Printing’s look and feel shouldn’t come as a shock to most subscribers.

What about the folks who don’t get this message?

Despite these big wins, it is very possible that future newsletters featuring the new branding could trigger spam complaints from subscribers who didn’t receive, or remember this company transition email. One way that Threadbird Printing can avoid such complaints is to prompt subscribers to opt-in/sign up for the new, rebranded newsletter. Another approach is to feature a prominent permission reminder, along the lines of:

You are receiving this email newsletter because you are a customer of Threadbird Printing (formerly Storenvy Printing), and/or you signed up for our email newsletters on our site.

Making mention to the previous brand in consequent campaigns can minimize any confusion to subscribers who may have come a bit late to the party.

Threadbird Printing can also suggest that subscribers add their new ‘From:’ email address to their email clients’ whitelist, safe sender’s list, or similar. This will ensure that when the new newsletters start coming through, they won’t get junked on the spot.

Many thanks to Scott Anderson at Threadbird Printing for the excellent email newsletter and Davida, for giving us the heads up on Threadbird’s work. Finally, do you have any tips for clearly communicating a change of company name or branding to customers? Let us know in the comments below.

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