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Despite what Kermit will tell you, it is easy being green, at least if you view your emails in Windows Live / Hotmail. We’ve had a few people tell us that a recent update to the webmail client’s stylesheet is forcing all <Hx> heading elements to be this shade of green.

Here’s an example of headings that look a bit more sickly than intended:

Hotmail's green headings

Thanks to James Walters for doing the digging and finding the culprit in within the “thenewcss” stylesheet.

h2,h2 a,h2 a:visited,h3,h3 a,h3 a:visited,h4,h5,h6,.t_cht {color:#006E12 !important}

Whether that is deliberate or accidental is hard to know, but it has been there for a few weeks now, so it doesn’t look like going away quickly. Fortunately, it is easy enough to work around by adding your own inline !important declaration for your heading elements. Since your CSS will be inline, it takes precedence over the Hotmail stylesheet.

For example:

<h2 style="color:#000 !important;">Your correctly colored heading</h2>

Another email client rendering quirk defeated, at least for now!

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