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This recent comic strip from Brad Colbow reminded me of a little something. And it’s that the easiest way to turn an email subscriber…

from being a happy, purchasing customer…

Happy customer

into someone who wants to set your house on fire…

Crazy, peeved guy

… is to make it really hard to leave your mailing list. For this reason and others, we’ve made it a requirement that you add one of our instant unsubscribe links to your campaign, before or during the import process. This also means that the unsubscribe process can’t be guarded by a login screen. Looking at things from a subscriber’s perspective, there’s a solid reason why we discourage making things more difficult than they should be:

Login to unsubscribe? Ugh.Not only is it the law

to make it super-simple to unsubscribe from an email list, but your customers will appreciate it. Besides, who wants to churn through ‘Please unsubscribe me!!!’ email replies everyday? Not I.

So… How do we manage unsubscribes?

The skinny is that after someone clicks on one of our instant unsubscribe links, their status is immediately changed from being an active subscriber to unsubscribed for that particular list. This means that there’s no need for their details to be ‘washed’ or manually removed from future email campaigns. By default, unsubscribing from a list will also unsubscribe that address from all other lists in the same account, so if the address is on your ‘customers’ list and your ‘newsletter’ list, they will be marked as unsubscribed from both lists.

Unsubscribed email addresses also get added to your account’s suppression list, which prevents you from accidentally importing them. You can change this default behavior (so that clicking unsubscribe will only remove the subscriber from the specific list that campaign we sent to) in your account’s ‘Unsubscribe settings’. For more information and examples, check out this useful help topic.

Now we’ve covered the why and how of our unsubscribe process, we’d like to hear your take. Have you had an interesting or strange experience when unsubscribing (or managing unsubscribes) from an email newsletter? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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