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6.7.17 Update: These files are no longer available, however, you can use our template builder and create a free HTML email template in less than 60 seconds.

I’m lucky enough to see beautiful email designs being sent through Campaign Monitor every day. Our always expanding design gallery is testament to that. But let’s be honest, email design is hard. A beautiful design is one thing, but getting that design consistent across most email clients, degrading gracefully in older ones and looking great even without images is damn near impossible, especially for those new to the trade.

That all changes today. Over the last few months, we’ve partnered with some of the best designers in the world to bring you the biggest and best email template gallery on the planet.

100+ free HTML email templates

The team behind these beauties include some of the most talented web designers around today, including 45royale, Elliot Jay Stocks, Meagan Fisher, MetaLab, Mike Kus, Newism, Simon Collison and Veerle Pieters.

Designed by 45royale, Elliot Jay Stocks, Meagan Fisher, MetaLab, Mike Kus, Newism, Simon Collison and Veerle Pieters

Completely free, no strings attached

You don’t need to log into Campaign Monitor to get these. Heck, you don’t even need to be a Campaign Monitor customer. Every template is 100% free to download and includes the HTML template as well as a second version with Campaign Monitor tags. This means they’re ready to import and be used in our editor by your clients.

You even get the PSD

As well as a gorgeous coded HTML template ready to customize, we also include the final layered Photoshop file straight from the designer. This is a huge time saver and makes it a piece of cake to tweak any of the original designs to use your own logo, color scheme, etc. Plus, you get a little insight into how the best of the best like to work.

Best practice all the way

Each of the designers behind these templates were careful to stick to best practice email design. This means they look great, even with images disabled. All the important bits are text, not images. This also means it’s super easy to customize a template for yourself and your clients. Just tweak a few words in the HTML and you’re good to go.

Tested in 20+ email clients

We poured all our knowledge of building HTML emails into these templates. This means you won’t see any green headings in Hotmail or weird margins in Gmail. We also tested each and every template in all the popular clients to ensure it looks great no matter what your subscribers are using.

CSS3 and graceful degradation

Many of the templates take advantage of CSS3 for the email clients that support them. This means image-less rounded corners, text shadows and much more. The templates have been built so these features work for the email clients that support them, but still look great in older clients that don’t.

A stack of work has gone into each of these templates, so we hope you guys love them as much as we do. Head over to the gallery and start downloading your favorites today.

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