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Soon after launching their own physical store (and following breathless commentary on TechCrunch and Mashable), Podio have emerged as the darling of online work platforms. Featuring a formidable App Store with hundreds of titles covering everything from CRM and company intranet software to social media monitoring tools, Podio’s goal is to be complete, hosted solution for businesses. In short, the only software your shop will ever need.

With the introduction of a Campaign Monitor App, it’s now super-easy to pull your campaign results and subscriber data into the mix, then share and analyze campaigns with your colleagues. Once set up using your Campaign Monitor API key, campaign results can be automatically be imported and updated, meaning that you and your team can evaluate how your campaigns went without ever having to log into our app.

Campaign Monitor app in Podio

Making Space for your business

Podio’s interface revolves around the concept of creating organizations and Spaces, which colleagues can be invited to join. In a similar fashion to a Facebook wall, events in the Space (like the import of email campaign stats) get noted in an Activity Stream, which can be commented on, or used to create tasks for members of the Space to act on.

Activity Stream

For example, you might create an Email Marketing Space, where you and your clients can comment on designs, track changes and finally, discuss the results after each campaign has sent. For yourself, you may create a billing and invoicing Space, or even a Space for free-range discussions for your team.

A work in progress

But, back to the Campaign Monitor App. At present, it’s pretty simple – for each individual campaign sent via your Campaign Monitor account, it displays raw stats – date and time sent, total recipients, bounces, clicks and opens. In time to come, we’d love to see it display comparative statistics (eg. Campaign A vs. Campaign B) and add a bit of visual flair, like graphs, or even in-app previews of sent campaigns. Some of this can most probably be achieved using their App Builder, but of course we’d like to see as much as possible in a ready state, straight out of the box. To judge the app for yourself, here’s a demo video:

Sophisticated app, simple pricing

At present, Podio offer two pricing plans – a free account for up to 10 user accounts and a full-featured account for up to 25 users, for $99 a month. From what we can see, the freemium account is sufficient for freelancers and small companies, but larger outfits will most probably find the paid plan to be great value (if only for the advanced user management and reporting that comes with it).

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