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The support team has been pretty busy these last few weeks. Between answering support tickets, tweets and forum posts, we’ve found time to present on one of our favorite pet topics, being mobile email. Mat and I thought we’d share our presentations with you, as they’re both solid primers on optimizing HTML email on mobile devices and take no time to watch and read. What’s more, we’ve also selected our favorite resources on this topic for a bit of extra learning.

Feel free to lift our notes for your presentations – making you look smart is our business!

Optimising HTML Email for Mobile

Presented by Ros at What Do You Know? Sydney, September 1, 2011

If you like your presentations short, fast and loud, then I invite you to check out my lightning talk on making mobile email look great on the small screen. In 5 minutes and 17 slides (not counting the flashy intro), I tear through why optimizing email for mobile is worthwhile, some of the design challenges and considerations for mobile displays and basic techniques for achieving responsive layouts:

WDYK Sydney win

For code snippets and a higher-res view of the action, you can whip through the accompanying slides on Slideshare. Some of my favorite mobile email resources can also be found on the What Do You Know? presentation page.

As a side note, this presentation netted me the first prize on the night – a miracle, considering I was up against local web-scene heavyweights like Dmitry Baranovskiy. Here I am, pictured in my moment of triumph (photo credit: Stephen Lead).

Thanks to everyone who voted on the night!

‘E’ is for ‘Everywhere’: Designing Email in the Mobile Age

Presented by Mat at Edge of the Web 2011, July 27, 2011

As is usual, Mat came up with considerably more photogenic slides on the topic of mobile email, not to mention lots more written content. If you’re after a slide deck that reveals the basics and beyond (while not rolling at a squillion miles an hour – sorry about that), then there’s lots to learn from his slides and notes from this year’s ‘Edge of the Web’ conference:

In addition, you can find his shortlist of mobile design resources on his site.

A huge thumbs up to all the folks out there who helped us with our slides and resources and/or keenly listened and tweeted about Mat and I’s presentations. To everyone else who couldn’t be at these fine Australian web events – hopefully we’ll be rolling our email show into your town soon!

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