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Remember that Pizza Express email that we featured in our ‘Image blocking in email clients’ post? The one that displays an impressive pixel-art fallback when images don’t load? Well, our friends at Email Fail have found another impressive example from Mac. Check it out:

Images on:

Images on

Images off:

Images off

Given the amount of work put into this fallback, Becs at Email Fail is right to ask:

“I wonder if the general public will ever appreciate this as much as us email designers?”

Perhaps this is a clever shout-out to folks like us – an easter egg to those who intentionally turn off images in the inbox, a maker’s mark amongst makers. To the Mac email designer, we tip our hats to you. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

For those wondering, this fallback is achieved by adding carefully cutting the image, assigning the pieces to individual table cells, then adding a bgcolor="" to each cell. Style Campaign has a free app for automatically converting images to HTML pixel-art to create a similar effect.

Thanks to Email Fail for sharing this full-of-email-win newsletter design with us!

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