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You can love them or hate them, but email notifications play a big part in making social networks as compelling as they are. Even when you feel like you’re getting bombarded by updates, you stay opted-in because you don’t want to miss those birthday notifications, or simply love finding out when your tweets are getting favorited.

Check-in bigwigs Foursquare have gone one step further in the compelling stakes by adding a bit of an ‘easter egg’ in their account settings – you can select to have a cute puppy photo included in their weekly updates:

Cute puppy mode ON

Given that it’s such a simple gag to pull off using custom fields and segments, or even a service like Daisy, I’m a bit surprised more folks aren’t sending ‘fun’ versions of their campaigns, or adding cute, catchy or downright intriguing content to their email newsletter, on demand. After all, who could possibly unsubscribe from the promise of cute puppies?

That said, when it comes to subscriber retention, nothing can beat cool customer Groupon’s ‘Punish Derrick’ unsubscribe page. It’s probably bad news for those contemplating a career on their email marketing team, but you have to love their chutzpah.

Do your email campaigns have a surprise or treat that keeps your subscribers holding on for more? Or do you receive a newsletter that you really can’t unsubscribe from? Tell us about it in the comments below. A big thanks to Zac for throwing us a bone by digging up puppy-related email news.

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