You Asked. Twitter Listened.


If you’re a diligent reader of this blog, you may have remembered our earlier post, ‘Twitter’s email notifications need a 5-minute mobile makeover‘. In the aftermath, hundreds of folks like yourself lobbied Twitter to make their notifications more mobile friendly, using a simple fix we outlined.

As it turns out, they listened.

If you’ve viewed Twitter email notifications on a mobile device recently, you may have noticed that alongside their new branding, they’ve gone for a much more mobile-friendly format. Changes included upping the font size, hiding not-so-critical text and making the ‘Reply to…’ unmissable. They’ve even switched the orientation of their Twitter ribbon to make for a more balanced design – from left on the desktop, to right on small screens.

A huge thanks to the Twitter team for listening to what we all had to say, not to mention, working these changes so elegantly into their rebranded emails.

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