I know what you’re thinking – nothing good can come from featuring symbols or emoji in email subject lines. It’s hokey. It’s tacky. And it may just be the next big thing.

Emoji in iPhone Mail subject linesFeaturing symbols in email isn’t a new concept. In fact, we first touched on it in early 2010, with mixed results. So what’s changed and why subject lines? First up, many of us have emoji-friendly mobile devices. Secondly, a lot of us are using them to read our email. Regularly. Thirdly, inboxes are busy places, so our emails need every attention-grabbing advantage they can get.

As a result, we’ve tested a variety of symbols out to see how they display across the most popular email clients for a new resource on ‘Adding symbols to subject lines‘ in the ‘Will it work?‘ section of our site. To find out about the risks and rewards of using symbols in subject lines (plus how to get them working), scoot over to our new resource.

View ‘Will it Work? Adding symbols to subject lines’

Do you add symbols to your subject lines? Have you had any success, or do you think they’re a bit silly? Let us know in the comments below.

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