New Guide: Responsive Email Design


Have you been designing for the responsive web and want to make that leap to doing the same for email campaigns? Or do you simply want to get your head around some of the techniques used to create more readable designs for the small screen?

We’ve just launched a guide to Responsive Email Design to take savvy designers and coders like you from sufficient to proficient in a few short chapters. Included are tips and techniques both old and new, from how to design links and buttons that are easily tappable, to adapting two-column email newsletters for single-column display. Don’t worry, we also cover the fundamentals of using media queries and mobile stylesheets, too.

Not wanting to stop at designing newsletters, we’ve even added a chapter on optimizing email subscribe forms. There’s even added a real-world case study so you can see some of our techniques in action. All up, Responsive Email Design is a holistic view of mobile email, in an easy-to-digest format.

Don’t just sit there, check out Responsive Email Design, or one of the other 6 email marketing publications in our newly-minted Guides section.

Have a suggestion for a guide? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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