One of the more popular features of Campaign Monitor for our agency customers is the ability to let their clients send their own campaigns at prices the agency sets. Every time one of their clients sends a campaign, they automatically earn a profit.

Last year I was super excited to share that we’d passed the $5 million mark. Today, only one year later I’m even more excited to share that we’ve now passed $12 million in profit being paid directly to designers.

$12 million in profit

On a personal note, this number is very humbling. When we started Campaign Monitor back in 2004, we wanted to build something that made sending newsletters easier for designers. These days I get to speak to lots of customers who rely on Campaign Monitor for a big part of their earnings. In some truly awesome cases we have customers who have built entire businesses on our platform alone. That still blows me away.

We actually launched the ability to set your own prices back in 2007, but it took more than two years to reach the $1 million mark. A year later we hit $3 million, and 9 months later we broke $5 million. Here we are, one year on and we’ve smashed the $12 million mark.

Profit earned over time

A monster thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and help spread the word about this part of Campaign Monitor. We’re hard at work on a number of nice improvements around reseller pricing, and I can’t wait to share the details in the coming months.

  • kym

    congrats guys, it must be the most amazing feeling to see your product grow in this way, looking forward to seeing the revised pricing to allow us to compete better with mailchimp etc

  • Simeon

    Great news, David! A definitely deserved number knowing what a handy tool we have with CM.

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