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The other day, our friends at ‘Word to the Wise’ shared a simple, yet sturdy tip – name your subscriber lists like everyone can see them.

While this is a great idea from the perspective that your subscribers may at some point see the names of lists they’re subscribed to, there are other, equally important reasons why you should adopt a subscriber list naming convention, or at least give these names a bit of thought. For starters, with the recent introduction of team management to the app, it’s more likely than ever that folks other than yourself will be performing tasks in your account. What will these folks make of lists labelled ‘Survey’, ‘Opt-outs’, or simply ‘Subscriber list’?

Putting in a good word for permission

What’s often forgotten is that subscriber list names can provide context as to where subscribers are signing up from, as well as keep things organized. For example, lets say you give a colleague admin rights to a client account while you’re on vacation. During that time, there’s a real uptick in overall signups and the client wants to know where they’re coming from. If this colleague isn’t familiar with the account, then having lists named ‘Client site’s Newsletter page’ and ‘Oct webinar signups’ has a lot less confusion-causing potential than say, ‘Web subscribers’ and ‘Events’.

On a similar note, there’s the permission side of things. Say someone on your team gives you a list of recipients to include in a monthly newsletter send. Immediately after this campaign goes out, a subscriber replies, wondering how they got on the list (it happens). Being able to look at the list name and respond with, ‘It looks like you joined via our in-store signup form’ is far more sound from a permission perspective than, ‘Oh, but you’re on a list called ‘September signups’!’

Of course, this is all fairly non-technical stuff and it’s likely that both you, your colleagues and clients consistently put effort into ensuring that list names accurately describe what’s in the tin. But as is often the case in email marketing, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Do you have a special approach, or convention to naming your subscriber lists? Share it with us in the comments below.

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