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Running a business can be fabulous – think creative freedom, flexible hours, and… A metric tonne of accounting to do. So, which app do you rely on to keep both your books, not to mention your sanity, in order?

After a discussion on billing and 3rd-party apps got started in our forums, I thought we’d run a straw poll on what designers, developers and other online-focused folk are using to invoice their clients for services like email and web design…

Update: Poll is now closed, thank you for voting, everyone! Here are the results:

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Don’t forget that when clients send for themselves, we happily handle invoicing for you. But if you take a more hands-on approach to billing your clients for email marketing services, or charge for more than just email campaigns, then an invoicing app is likely to play a big part in running your business.

Why is this app your weapon of choice? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments below.

  • Christopher Beckwith

    Very surprised Harvest App wasn’t on your list of options. It’s by far the most elegant, feature rich, powerful dedicated Invoice Tool. I have Xero for Accounting which also does invoicing but like the other choices its mostly an afterthought compared to how Harvest approaches invoicing.

  • Austin Siewert

    I agree with Christopher, surprised Harvest wasn’t on the list, but after submitting my choice, I saw it was a front runner

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Sorry guys, my mistake – I’ve added Harvest App to the list. Thank you so much for your entries, I’m fascinated by the variety of apps that everyone is using!

  • Mathias

    Keeping time with Billings but already decided to switch to Harvest from January 1st 2013. Actual invoices are done with Apple Pages using a simple template because Billings (and Harvest, fwiw) doesn’t support everything I need to put on the invoices.

  • Transportation Management Soft

    I’ve added Harvest App to the list. I was going to write a similar blog concerning this topic, you beat me to it.

  • JB

    I use Saasu. Is Saasu not used by others?

  • Janis

    Darn, I missed this poll! I use Wave Accounting.
    As a freelancer, it is Free for me.

  • Mark Shingleton

    I’ve been using Harvest for a couple of years and it saves me so much time. I totally love it! (and campaign monitor)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thanks for the great comments and recommendations here. I’m amazed that 20 – 30 unique software titles have been mentioned so far! Why there’s such a variety of tools should perhaps be a topic for another discussion :)

  • Yotam

    Solo should also be there. It changed the way I work as a freelance: http://www.thrivesolo.com

  • George Spencer

    Hey Ros! I use Blinksale. Why did Blinksale and Ballpark get the same score, but you only show Ballpark?


  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey there George, we’re using a Wufoo report to display these results and I dare say they’ve made the call to only display the top 7 clients for the sake of brevity. As you know, you can view the full results by clicking the [View] link. Sorry about that!

  • Sharon

    SAASU – great Australian based online accounting, easy invoicing and auto bank feeds. Saasu are increasing / improving their functionality all the time, there’s great support and excellent pricing for the independent.

  • Anthony Lane

    I’ve been using Curdbee for a few years. Cheap, easy to use, getting more powerful.

  • Jake

    I use ClearBooks, I find this is quite a nice one.

    I think it’s UK based, unless the currency automatically changes depending on location. There’s also some nice customisation options in there too.

  • Mariya

    “Invoicera” rocks :)

    One of the best online invoicing software. :)

    I use Invoicera for all my online invoicing needs. I am using it from last 3 years and I am fully satisfied with it. This software made my invoicing task so easy.

  • Halis

    I humbly submit my own app
    1) Set up a client
    2) Set up a product/service with your price
    3) Add an invoice


  • Moon Invoice

    Its Great mobile App list!
    we are Suggested to you all to check out Moon Invoice App for you Daily USe for Sending and Received Invoices in you business. more visit http://www.mooninvoice.com

  • Peter

    I would like to recommend a new invoicing service 1Click Invoice.

    It’s extremely fast and easy-to-use. You can create professional looking quotes, invoices and credit notes, and email them in PDF format with a few clicks. You can manage your customers, inventory and payments, track unpaid and overdue invoices, customize invoices, view various reports etc.


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