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Sure, many hands make light work. However, if you’re using Enlist, our iPad app for adding new subscribers for your lists, many hands can cause a lot of mischief, too. If you fret at the idea of folks leaving the app or fiddling with buttons, then Guided Access is a godsend.

Simply, Guided Access is a great little feature that can be found in ‘Settings’ on devices running Apple iOS 6. Using Guided Access, you can limit your iPad to one app, disable buttons and have a passcode prompt display, should someone try to break out of the restrictions in place. This means you can start a Guided Access session, run Enlist, then leave the iPad on a counter to quietly do its thing. Or do the same and hand around your subscribe form at an event.

For the parents out there, we’ve also been told that GA works great as a “kids mode”, preventing the littlies from firing jibberjabber emails to the boss. To find out more about what Guided Access can do and get started, check out Apple’s walkthrough.

We hear you – a whitelabel app is on its way

We’ve had a lot of passionate requests for a non-branded version of our iPad app since Enlist’s release in November, particularly from our agency and reseller friends. Well, here’s some good news for all of us – a whitelabel app is most certainly in the works. Like Enlist, it will hook up with subscriber lists seamlessly, but you’ll be able to give it to your clients.

To be one of the first to find out when it’s released, you can subscribe to this blog using our new Subscribe Button to the right. We really can’t wait to get this app into your hands, your client’s hands, plus new subscriber hands, too!

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