Campaign Monitor and Offscreen Giveaway

  • Although my vote went for option B I have to say that if I’ve willingly subscribed to this newsletter (and I’m interested in the content) option A gives me a more direct and effective message. In the other hand the eye candy of B could keep me interested if I was a passive “customer”.

  • I like the 2 columns in B. less scrolling required to see headlines. It seems more optimized for mobile though A looks slightly cleaner from afar. My vote would be for B with more consideration given to the top story illustration.

    Kudos for a thoughtful way to get feedback too. I love offscreen mag! Good choice.

  • som

    Agree with Ben above on the comp choice. Nice one.

    B seems ‘prettier’, though less flexible. The columns wouldn’t work well with varying content length and, in my opinion, full width colour blocks confuse the eye. The stripe along the left of A’s articles also seems an elegant classification solution.

    Yeah A and yeah Offscreen!

  • River

    I want to read B.

    I turn away from A… (I have to swim from one floating island to the next).

  • I definitely opted the B option as the best one.
    Right out of the bat – the type treatment looks great. I find 2 text column is easier to read. The colored sections help define the various newsletter topics without recurring to a lot of spacing, and therefore, less scrolling, which in good.
    Personally speaking I like the minimal approach on the header & logo + footer – it really lets you focus on the newsletter (actual) content without creating a lot of noise.

  • A is the better choice for me because of the separation of topics into those individual boxes. B is “prettier” (as others have said”), but if I’m reading my email in the preview pane — horizontally or vertically), A works better for that.

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