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Have you noticed on-off image loading in Gmail? Turns out you’re not the only one. A few weeks after this popular webmail client started caching and serving images via their proxy servers, senders and recipients have begun to report broken images throughout their email campaigns. Here’s the latest on what we know and what you can do to ensure your message remains readable.

The issues being experienced are twofold – while the majority of people experiencing this issue find that some, or all of an email campaign’s images are not loading, there has been the odd report of images unexpectedly loading in the wrong placeholders. As many an email marketer can attest, having images not display in the inbox is one thing, but then having them display intermittently is a very messy situation indeed.

It’s worth stressing at this point that this is a Gmail issue, affecting all senders regardless of the service they’re using to send their email campaigns. Reports have come in from multiple email service providers, who have shown that only campaigns being viewed in webmail Gmail are being affected – as yet, there haven’t been any definite problems within their mobile client. Image loading issues are also seemingly browser-independent.

Preparing for a world without images

While our team has been experimenting with workarounds, at present, it seems that there is little that can be done to make images display reliably. That said, having images not display in email clients like Outlook is fairly routine, so if anything, this recent incident is a good reminder that we should continue optimizing our campaigns for image-off scenarios. We can do this by:

  • Using text, not images to convey the message. For example, bulletproof buttons can be used instead of images for call to actions, while web fonts can be used for headings and other stylized text.
  • Using ALT text on images. You don’t have to describe every spacer and minor detail in your email campaign, but for images that play an important role in your message, ALT text is essential.
  • Not stacking the top of a message with images. When images don’t load, they tend to leave large, empty placeholders in their place. While some senders simply omit image width and height attributes to avoid this, the better solution is to not use large images throughout a design and especially not in places where they force all other content outside of the preview pane.

Our guide to Image Blocking in HTML Email outlines conditions across a variety of popular email clients and is a great read for those wishing to understand how to combat disappearing images in any inbox.

We’ve been in touch with the good folks at Gmail to make them aware of these issues and the need for more reliable image loading, but in short, it’s a bit of a waiting game. If we receive any further details, we’ll be sure to post them in this blog.

Finally, many of these details have come from email senders like you – and we’re keen to hear more as this issue progresses. Have you been affected by infrequent image loading in Gmail? What have you seen? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Julian

    Yup, we have. They seem to resolve some time after the email has opened – as if Google’s servers can’t keep up.

  • Remy Bergsma

    I noticed it as well as quite a few others, and posted about it last week: http://emailblog.eu/2014/01/30/day-google-broke-email-gmail-image-caching/ the odd thing is, that it seems very irratic.

    At first, none of the images work, but after opening an email 2 or 3 times it gradually loads more images. The image caching servers (http://googleusercontent.com

  • __tux

    I also did notice this lately. I need to refresh before gmail will display the images. I have noticed also a lot of changes in the android gmail app. It doesn’t render properly the codes we had which was previously working on some of our templates. I had a lot of troubles troubleshooting them and ended up with nothing. Such a pain!

  • rlacorne

    Yeah same here. Upon reloading the email, some more images will display. But a customer shouldn’t have to reload an email for it to show correctly, and a “Having trouble reading the email? Try reloading the page” comment on the template is out of the equation! ;)

    Thanks for the article and research!

  • noyan sahar

    Same here. I’m experiencing the same issue with my gmail account.
    I’m looking for a remedy. It can also be a computer issue at the level of browser settings but I’m not sure right now

  • Chad Polk

    same issue. Just commenting to get updates for future comments.

  • nelshd

    Gmail sucks. I choose outlook.com

  • AnthorNet

    It should be noted also that gif compression is somewhat broken as a white background saved for web with a white mate, will not be white in gmail… But in most case it will turn slightly white/blue…

    Happens every time now… And stricly in desktop gmail. It pretty irritating !

  • Hasti

    Yes, that’s part of irritating functionality of Gmail I think.

  • joan bell

    I just changed my Newsletter server and did a test. My headline didn’t display but other images did. Sooooo frustrating! Thanks for this post, I now know it isn’t just my problem.

  • Barbara Rosin

    I have come to realize that I am not receiving any emails from about 10 [ten]
    entities that I used to get emails from at least weekly.
    This is a real problem for me…they are work related.
    Is there a phone number through Gmail, or Google, where I can SPEAK to a person about this , PLEASE?

  • Chris Bowler

    Hi Barbara,

    We can certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we cannot get you in touch with the folks at Gmail. Your best bet is try contacting them here: https://support.google.com/mail/?hl=en#topic=3394144

    I do hope you’re able to get this sorted out!

  • Ferran

    this issue is still happening? I don’t recive images in my gmail app on IOS, but in adnroid and native application of iphone works fine.

  • Chris Bowler

    Hi Ferran,

    We aren’t aware of any new developments with this, so you can assume it’s still an issue. Gmail is definitely still caching images.

  • Kurt J

    Been having the same issue for months now and i have not seen a Google response that corrects the problem.

  • Bob Royal

    I too am not seeing images. Started on 9/17/2014 and has continued since. Doesn’t occur in all of the gmail but any occurrence is distracting.

  • Julie K

    Same issue. Started very suddenly 9/22/14 and now copy/paste from clipboard (using SnippingTool or SnagIt) will not appear in gmail message. I have a log of processes built around being able to use this function and would love to see a resolution.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there friends, we don’t have a direct line to Gmail’s development team, I’m sorry to say. That said, I’ve seen a few reports of image issues on Gmail’s Product forums, some of which mention browser extensions interfering as being a potential problem. Also, not being able to paste images into Gmail is also mentioned.

    I highly recommend posting in their forums to make them aware of these issues, as I can be sure caching (and other quirks) are affecting a lot of people. Best of luck!


    It’s very frustrating when trying to send e-marketing campaigns to prospective customers for images not to be viewed in Gmail. It’s all well and good suggesting more text be used instead of an image, but a “picture paints a thousand words”!!

  • kris s

    cannot get it to work at all – if i send them to myself or anyone else neither attached or inline. If i send TO my gmail from my mac account they open.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    HI there Kris, we’re interested to see what you’re experiencing here. Could you kindly send us details, so we can get to the bottom of why images aren’t loading for you?

  • Kristin

    This is very disappointing to hear. I was looking up some emails from a couple weeks ago that I saved cause someone sent me some pictures of something they saw on the web, but now the images won’t show up and the person who sent them can’t see them either in their email, it just brings up a broken link. I noticed that I was also having issues with other things showing up. I was hoping it was just me.

  • Pete Bailey

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this helps anyone else but we’ve managed to fix our broken image links in our mail-outs to Gmail accounts.

    It seems on inspection that the google proxy servers convert any ” ” (spaces) in filenames to “+” when creating new links.

    I went back and renamed all my assets to avoid any use of ” ” and all proxy links correctly convert. No broken images.

    Hope that helps!

  • Stockmile

    free images for your e-mail compaings: http://stockmile.com/galleries/

  • Luu Kee

    that seems like the most useful information listed in this comment board — THANKS PETE!

  • Luu Kee

    Also — any “%” – which are created by default from a lot of tracking programs, also seems to be replaced with “+” from Gmail —

  • Steve B.

    I am a tech hired by a realtor to figure out why her images do not show on her Gmail account. She can if she clicks “show images” but she wants them to load on their own. Even a PDF will not display the images…
    So, checking my system and comparing to hers, I found settings in IE to be the same. Settings in Gmail also are the same… On my PC the images appear. On hers they do not. We both have the same laptop. But this happens on both of her computers. And when I go into my Gmail on her PC’s, the images appear. In Google Chrome, the same scenario. Leaving a large empty space in her email where pics belong but showing images in my email. Now in Firefox, all the text is brought together with no empty spaces. This may be in a Firefox setting, but not wanting to explore that issue since it is not what I am to solve…
    Tried to outsmart the PC and Gmail by changing the settings, saving them and then resetting them back again. To no avail…
    Seems at this point I need to contact Gmail Support to figure it out…
    Hope someone has a solution by now…
    Steve B.

  • Balthazar Simões

    Wow, Steve, that’s quite odd! We haven’t been seeing this happen much recently and it’s a bit puzzling. Good luck getting it sorted out and sorry we don’t have a solution for you!

  • M Buckfield

    Intermittent on all devices. Companies don’t bother to make use of ‘alt’ text, assuming they are invincible. Impervious to all ‘net problems.

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