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By now, the fact that people are increasingly accessing email on mobile devices is no longer a surprise. Our data shows that from Q1’13 through Q1’14, 41% of nearly 1.8 billion email opens were on mobile devices. That’s a whole lot of email making its first impression on a small screen.

Email Marketing Trends

So what does that mean for how you approach your email marketing? Will the day come where we can ignore the desktop? Is mobile changing the way subscribers click? Is triaging email on a mobile device, before returning later, a common behavior? And if it is, are people returning to their email on the same device or are they looking at if from their computer?

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about getting your emails in the inbox and looking right! We put on our detective hats to get to the bottom of it for you. After analyzing nearly 22 billion emails sent across 6 million campaigns in late 2013 and early 2014, we’ve compiled a report to help guide you through the brave new world of mobile email.

Email Marketing Trends: Email interaction across mobile and desktop takes a look at where people are opening their emails and when they’re clicking through. We also reviewed how subscriber behavior changes based on where the email is first read. One thing we noticed was that those who read an email on their mobile device, and then went on to open again from their desktop, were far more likely to click through than people opening the email for the first time. They were even more likely than those that opened it again using their mobile device.

That means the new gold standard for a successful campaign is content that’s good enough to bring your reader back for seconds– and an email that will look great on the desktop and mobile. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of tips to help you get there.

Read the report

Check out the full report to learn more about how email is consumed on mobile devices vs the desktop. You’ll also get benchmarks on open rates by different email clients; advice on improving your campaigns; and stats around the relationship between opens and clicks by environment.

Happy reading!

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