3 Product Announcement Emails Critiqued by Marketing Expert Neil Patel


I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner.

I can read about great copywriting techniques and microcopy all day long, but one of the ways I learn best is by seeing something in action.

Apparently I’m not alone either, with approximately 65% of people being visual learners.

So we thought we’d start a new series on this blog, where we get marketing experts to critique email campaigns and provide suggestions on how they could be improved.

For this first post, we got Neil Patel, co-founder of analytics companies KISSmetrics & CrazyEgg and founder of marketing blog Quicksprout, to critique some email campaigns from our email design gallery.

1. Glyphish

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

2. InVision

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

3. Freshbooks

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

In conclusion

All of the emails above are great campaigns, and the idea was never to tear them down. Instead, the hope of this critique is that you might be able to learn a few things about what makes a product announcement email convert and apply those learnings to your next campaign.

So in your next product announcement email, select the A/B test option and apply some of Neil’s wisdom to make your campaign even more successful.

What are your thoughts? Are there any other elements you’d test in these various campaigns? We’d love you to share your knowledge and experiences in the comments below!

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