Crushing the 4 Biggest Email Design Challenges


What are the four biggest challenges that email designers face today? If you were to say Outlook 2007, 2010, Gmail and Lotus Notes, I’d be tempted to give you a gold star. But while a handful of email clients may give us email coders some grief, there’s more to our roles than simply dealing with rendering issues.

Last month at Future Insights Live in Las Vegas, myself (Ros) and Ryan Riddle at ZURB went beyond broken CSS and table layouts to not only address some of the challenges our customers have, but showcase what adventurous email designers are doing today – from CSS3 animation, to optimizing for mobile devices and more. In a spritely 35 mins, we demonstrate what techniques can be used in email campaigns, list the tools and frameworks available and provide usability guidelines – all to help you crush everyday challenges. Regardless of whether you’re a novice coder coming to grips with email, or a marketer who wants to better understand what’s possible, there’s something here for you:

Key takeaways

Big thanks to Future Insights for making email part of their programming and sharing this video with us – accompanying slides are available on Slideshare. If you’d like to see more presentations from Future Insights Live as well as their previous events, you can buy video passes on their site.

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