4 Event Invite Emails You Can Learn From


You may have composed an email invite for an event or two in your time.

You’ve probably seen event invites in your own inbox as well—considering an estimated 191 billion emails were sent and received in 2014.

But have you ever wondered what elements of an email invite compel people to convert?

In this post, we’ve pulled a few invite emails taken from our email design gallery and analyzed them for conversion.

We’ve outlined what they did well and offered some advice on how they could be improved, with the goal of giving you some ideas you can apply to your next event invite email to increase ticket sales and attendance.

1. Big Sea Breakfast Club

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

2. Working Three

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

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3. Hidden Dinner

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

4. Steadfast Creative

What they did well

Suggestions for A/B Testing

What you can learn from these emails

Across these 4 event invite emails, we’ve seen a number of things done well and a number of areas for improvement. Here are the common themes that you can learn from to help increase the conversion rate of your next event invite campaign:

In Conclusion

Event invite campaigns are an incredibly important part of your event promotion and planning. They are a great way to get the word out about your event to customers, leads & contacts and can help drive ticket sales and get attendees through the door.

So take these tips on creating a great event invite email, apply them to your next campaign and let us know how it goes!

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