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If you’re like us, you’re likely use a handful of apps and services to keep your subscriber lists updated. However, manually segmenting and exporting signups can be a real pain, unless you’re using an integration like Zapier to do it all automatically.

In this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, March 25 at 10am PST (that’s 1pm EST / 5pm GMT), our integrations specialist Mercer will be teaming up with Alison, the head of Community at Zapier to show you how you can use “zaps” to seamlessly move subscriber data between business tools. The webinar is free to join, however in order to secure your place, we encourage you to RSVP.
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What can you do with Zapier and Campaign Monitor?

If you’ve tried to sync contacts in Highrise with a subscriber list, it’s likely that you’ve hit hurdles. Sadly, not all popular apps have native email marketing integrations for keeping data current… Which is why you need connectors like Zapier, to do all the heavy lifting in the background.

Zapier allows you to create zaps between hundreds of business apps and services – if you use it, chances are that Zapier supports it. With an interface that allows you to rapidly create “zaps” that quietly sync data in the background, it’s an essential ally for doing everything from two-way updates between your CRM app and subscriber list, to sending SMS via Trello whenever someone signs up.

Here’s just a sample of some of the ways you can connect Zapier with Campaign Monitor:

Zapier integration

Internally, we’ve found that once you start creating zaps, you really can’t stop. We use them for loads of tasks, from streamlining our invoicing, to organizing travel plans. We’ve saved countless hours, both by not having to manually export lists or roll our own integrations.

To find out more about Zapier hacks, we recommend the following:

And of course, it would be excellent to see you at this week’s webinar. To get the upper-hand over your data, RSVP today.

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