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At Campaign Monitor, we make it our mission to create valuable posts, guides, videos, and other useful content to help our customers succeed in their email marketing efforts.

We publish 3-5 original blog posts per week covering topics from marketing tools you need to know, how often you should send emails, how to write effective subject lines and so much more.

To end the year, we’ve compiled a list of our 50 most popular blog posts (ranked by pageviews) according to you, our readers.

The top 50 marketing blog posts of 2015:

  1. 4 event invite emails you can learn from
  2. 75 email subject lines to light up inboxes this holiday
  3. The surprising data about how often to send promotional emails
  4. How to use email to get customer feedback and grow your business
  5. 9 things that are killing your email deliverability
  6. The real scoop on email emoji in subject lines
  7. How bigdog is revolutionizing marketing with interactive email
  8. How to write better preheader text in your next email marketing campaign
  9. Email marketing in the era of 8-second attention spans
  10. 12 tools to help you capture more email addresses on your website
  11. 24 awesome Black Friday marketing campaigns
  12. Introducing Campaign Monitor for Salesforce
  13. 10 essential elements of an effective welcome email
  14. How to use a welcome email to engage your subscribers from the start
  15. How to create an email newsletter subscribers want to read
  16. Introducing the Premier Plan
  17. 4 email marketing tips for the holidays
  18. 5 tips for improving your email sign up forms
  19. Holiday email marketing trends, dates, and tips you need to know
  20. Oops! How to deal with common email marketing mistakes
  21. Introducing reporting capabilities on lists & segments
  22. 7 successful email deliverability tips for the holidays
  23. 6 elements of an effective event invitation email campaign
  24. Powerful subject line words and how to use them in your holiday emails
  25. How to use UTM codes to track the success of your email marketing
  26. How ZURB uses automated welcome emails to increase engagement
  27. Beyond the newsletter: Introducing email automation
  28. 100 awesome marketing tools you should know
  29. The anatomy of an effective email
  30. Improve your email click-through rate using these 5 types of social proof
  31. How to get your holiday email marketing ready
  32. 7 essential tips to creating mobile-friendly emails
  33. How Rip Curl is making waves with email marketing
  34. The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide
  35. How Rip Curl mastered a global product launch with email marketing
  36. Increase subscriber satisfaction with an email preference center
  37. The anatomy of an effective email
  38. Introducing new transactional email for marketers
  39. How to create a killer value proposition for your next email campaign
  40. 8 sites to help you get awesome icons for your email marketing campaigns
  41. How to get more action from your transactional emails
  42. How BuzzFeed uses email marketing to drive their phenomenal growth
  43. Happy email to you – A complete guide to birthday emails
  44. 5 email campaigns all eCommerce companies should be sending
  45. 5 email campaigns that will help you convert more leads into customers
  46. How to drive more revenue from transactional emails
  47. Introducing our new email template library
  48. 5 elements of a high-converting marketing offer email
  49. Introducing Dynamic Content in the email builder
  50. Keep your email list squeaky clean with Campaign Monitor + Kickbox

Wrap up

That’s a recap of our 50 most popular marketing blog posts of 2015! The year ahead promises to be full of heaps of awesome content to add value to your email marketing journey.

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. The content provided in this blog ("Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.
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