Grow Your List Like a Superhero Using Email Sign up Forms


An email list is like a superhero. It’s true. Your email list is powerful, can increase open rates in a single bound and can positively impact the results of your email campaigns.

Every superhero has a special power or tool. Well, your email list wields a mighty sign up form. And an email sign up form helps your email campaigns achieve great reach.

When you combine great reach with hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns you should see an increased return on investment.

In this post, we’ll help you don your superhero cape and learn how to wield an email sign up form to get greater results from your email marketing.

Why list growth is important

Before we dive into email sign ups, let’s talk about why growing your email list is important. We’ll focus on four key reasons:

1. Encourage new business

Keeping fresh, ready-to-buy customers coming in the door is growth 101 for every business. By continually adding to your email list, you’re constantly cultivating new relationships. This ongoing outreach is vital because you never know which new customer will become a loyal one down the road.

2. Build personal relationships

Gone are the days of “email blasts” where every email created was sent to every person on your list. With tools like Campaign Monitor, you can use data you have about your subscribers to send personalized messages to the right subscriber at the right time. And targeted email sends pay off. In fact, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

For example, by understanding which emails Bob Smith interacts with, your business can use that data to send him specific email offers that he’ll love. BuzzFeed used email sign up forms to fuel some phenomenal growth.

Research also shows emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

When you cultivate a list of opted-in, engaged subscribers who want to hear from you, and deliver them targeted, relevant information, everyone wins. Being a sign up superhero is pretty awesome stuff.

3. Promote visits to your site

You can promote visits to a variety of sites through email marketing. You can direct subscribers to your homepage, to a specific blog article, a promotional landing page – the options are endless. Anytime you can motivate subscribers to interact with your brand on the digital front is a solid investment. The more you grow your list with quality subscribers, the more visitors you can flow to the sites  and pages of your choice.

4. Marketing security

Social media sites pop up like superhero enemies. You can’t keep track of them all. While collecting fans and followers is a helpful marketing tool, what happens if one of these sites goes under or becomes outdated? You can’t take the audience with you. And as you may know, email delivers better than any other channel.

That’s why growing your own email list is so appealing. Your contacts are your own. That’s marketing security that you can’t get in the land of ever-changing social media. Plus, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

How sign up forms obtain quality contacts

There are numerous ways to grow your email list, but using sign up forms is one of the most effective. Sign up forms aren’t collecting any old name or contact, they’re collecting quality sign ups. Here’s how:

Only interested subscribers sign up

When someone fills out an email sign up form, you know he or she is interested in your product or service. That subscriber is saying, “I WANT to learn more about your business.” There’s a lot of value in that. This isn’t some random contact that has little to no interest in what you do; it’s a subscriber that sought you out.

Sign up forms are familiar to subscribers

Subscribers see sign up forms as a no-hassle way to interact with a business they care about. Because it’s familiar, subscribers don’t see it as intrusive, and actually, seek out sign up forms to sign up with brands they like and want to hear from.

7 awesome places to put your email sign up forms

To grab attention, you want to place sign up forms in high-traffic areas. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Prime spots on your website

Your homepage is prime digital real estate, so make good use of it. It’s a no-brainer to add a sign up button or form to it.

2. Website footer

You could also put a sign up box in the footer of your site. Campaign Monitor customer, SxSW, has this on the bottom right of its website.


3. Website sidebar or hello bar

Consider adding a sign up form as a sidebar on your website or blog. It can sit on the right or left side of the main text. Or, consider adding a Hello Bar, which is a small bar that sits on the top of your website and encourages sign ups.

4. On the “About Us” page

When website visitors check out the “About Us” page they’re obviously interested in your brand’s story. Make sure you give them a way to connect by adding an email sign up form to the page.

5. Add a link to your email signature

Add a sign up button or link to your email signature. It’s a simple and visible way to attract more subscribers.

6. At the end of each blog post

Turn attentive readers into leads by adding a sign up form to the bottom of each blog post.

7. On Facebook

Encourage Facebook fans to sign up for your email list by using the Facebook Application to capture email addresses directly from your company Facebook page. 

To get started using the Facebook Application, get started in our app store.

Essential information for your sign up form

Email sign up forms should be short and sweet. In many cases, just asking for a name and email address is all you need. The shorter the form, the more likely subscribers are to fill it out.

However, sign up forms offer an opportunity to collect information about subscribers that you can use to personalize and segment your list. Collecting additional information can be helpful, but as we just mentioned, long sign up forms can cause friction for a potential subscriber to leave. You have to find a delicate balance.

If you do want to collect additional information, consider collecting just two or three pieces. You can always collect more information later.

SxSW asks its subscribers for the basic name and email address but also asks for a subscriber’s city, state, and country. Notice the sign up form has dropdown menus to make filling in the form easier for subscribers. You want to make the process as simple as possible.

Get more great tips to optimize your sign up forms in this post, 5 tips for improving your email sign up forms.

How to grow your list with Campaign Monitor

Fortunately for all you superheroes out there, Campaign Monitor is here to help you. We have a bunch of tools that can help you grow your list, and your superpowers, with sign up forms.

Here’s a list of tools, and resources to help you implement them:

Add a subscribe button to your site

A subscribe button looks clean and simple on your website and is a hassle-free way for subscribers to sign up.

Within your Campaign Monitor account, you can create and customize the button. When a subscriber clicks on it, a sign up form pops up. You can customize the form by adding the fields that you want.

Here are step-by-step instructions to set up the subscribe button.

Generate your own sign up form

You can create an HTML sign up form for your website. You can choose exactly which fields you want to capture (e.g., Name, Email, Location, Gender, etc) and it seamlessly integrates into the style of your website. When you’re done customizing it, just grab the code and enter it on your site for a ready-made form. Any email addresses entered into the Subscribe Form are automatically added to your chosen email list in Campaign Monitor.

Here are step-by-step instructions to create an HTML subscribe form.

Turn your iPad into an email collection point

Have an iPad? Our iPad application (Enlist) can help you turn your iPad into an email collection point. Download the app, and create a simple, sleek sign up form that matches your brand. It’s fully customizable. Then, use it on the counter of your retail store or on the go at events and trade shows.

To get started using the iPad Application (Enlist), follow the instructions here.

Wrap up

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to grow your list like a superhero. You may not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you’ll be able to reach a broader audience with hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver additional ROI back to your business and that’s a superpower every marketer wants.

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