10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Using Campaign Monitor


Marketers using Campaign Monitor are some of the savviest around, and they impress us every day with their clever use of email marketing. Some are sending interactive emails while others are exciting fans for some of those most popular bands around, and still others are doing things with email we could have only dreamed about just a year ago.

In the past year, we’ve added a number of features and improved on existing ones to make it easier for our customers to create beautiful email campaigns. Marketers are increasing engagement rates thanks to personalized emails, dynamic content, automation, and powerful integrations.

In this post, we’re sharing 10 things you might not know you can do using Campaign Monitor so you can use all our great features to take your campaigns to new heights.

1. Design full-width emails

Our full-width emails give you the ability to have a hero image go full width across any screen. We sometimes call this feature “big, bold hero imagery.” This feature is easy-to-use, and you can design full-width emails with our drag and drop email builder.

With this feature, your beautiful emails can flow edge-to-edge across thousands of screen sizes and devices.

Learn more about full-width emails.

2. Mobilize with responsive templates

Email templates save precious time and energy and ensure your emails will look beautiful, even if you only have a few minutes to create one.

Our research shows that more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. In this landscape, you want to make sure your emails look great no matter where they’re opened. Campaign Monitor’s responsive templates have the ability to work on every device or screen size.

Campaign Monitor’s email templates are fully responsive and customizable, so every email you send will be on point and on brand.

Learn more about responsive email design.

3. Personalize using dynamic content

Personalization is improving engagement rates for marketers all over the world. Studies show that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Dynamic content allows you to swap out images or messaging based on the individual subscriber, allowing you to personalize your campaigns. For example, Adidas use dynamic content to send different images to men and women.

Learn more about dynamic content.

4. Send the right message at the right time with automation

To get the best results in email marketing, it’s important to send the most relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Email automation allows you to send out messages each time someone on your list meets a trigger like joining your email list or signing up for your product.

The beauty of email automation lies in the fact that you can set up the email once and then as people meet the trigger you defined (like joining your list), the email will be sent to them without you ever having to lift a finger. It essentially ‘automates’ your email marketing for you.

Campaign Monitor enables you to use automated emails for a variety of messages including welcoming a customer, sending someone a reminder about an upcoming event, or just saying happy birthday.

An example from BuzzFeed Life shows how they use a 7-day series to educate subscribers about better skin care:

Sending automated emails can increase engagement, build relationships with your subscribers, and drive results.

Learn more about email automation.

5. A/B test

You can make educated guesses about what your subscribers want, but have you considered A/B testing different email variants to see what performs best? It’s something more than half of Campaign Monitor customers do on a regular basis. Of those that A/B test, nearly 93 percent test subject lines, 37 percent test content, 24 percent test layout, and 20 percent test send time.

Not only can A/B testing optimize an individual campaign, but it can give you insights for future ones, resulting in general insights on how to improve email marketing efforts. For example, you might find that using an emoji in your subject line increases open rates.

Learn more about A/B testing.

6. Send transactional emails

Transactional emails, sometimes called triggered emails, are emails that are automatically sent when a user completes an action. Transactional emails can include account registration emails, order confirmations, cart abandonment emails, and password resets.

Traditionally, transactional emails were difficult to send, requiring support from a development or engineering team. With Campaign Monitor’s smart transactional emails, you can easily manage all of your transactional messages from your Campaign Monitor account — no developers necessary.

Learn more about transactional emails.

7. Sync with 250+ integrations

Automation and personalization can improve engagement rates as well as the overall customer experience. Many marketers know this, but struggle to set up effective campaigns. Marketers can use integrations to easily get these initiatives off the ground.

For example, you might integrate your email efforts with Salesforce. With this integration, you can sync your data to gain more information about your customers so that you can send hyper-targeted emails. You can also map custom fields between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor offers 250+ integrations with CRMs, eCommerce & billing platforms, surveys and forms, and analytics dashboards. Some of our most popular integrations are with Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, and GetFeedback.

Learn more about Campaign Monitor’s integrations.

8. Grow your email list with the Enlist app

In order to encourage people to join your email list, you need robust sign up forms that integrate seamlessly with your website, social media pages, and email service provider.

Not only does Campaign Monitor have tons of ways to customize and integrate sign up forms, but we also have Enlist, an app that enables you to turn your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form. If you go to an event or tradeshow, you can easily collect email addresses using Enlist.

Enlist is fully customizable, so you can create an iPad sign up form with brand’s color and style. It even works offline, so if you don’t have a wifi connection, you can still collect email addresses. Setup is easy as well– you can log into your Campaign Monitor account, choose the list you want to use and start collecting subscribers.

Learn more about Enlist.

9. Analyze with our Google Analytics integration

In order to assess the performance of your email marketing, you need to know which email campaigns translate to site visits, conversions, and sales.

Google Analytics is a go-to platform for most marketers, and Campaign Monitor’s integration ensures that you’re on top of the relationship between email marketing and web traffic. Using our automatic link tagging for Google Analytics, you can set goals, run A/B tests, track conversions, and monitor the success of your integrated email campaign.

Learn more about the Google Analytics Integration.

10. See your global impact with Worldview

Some features are just plain cool, and Worldview is one of them. Worldview allows you to see where people are opening your emails in real-time. It also shows you where Facebook likes and Twitter mentions about your email happen.
With Worldview, you can see what your subscribers do with your email the moment they open it, and easily share the information with the rest of your team. This feature allows you to get to know your subscribers on a more intimate level.

Learn more about Worldview.

Wrap up

At Campaign Monitor, we want you to crush your email marketing goals. We’re intent on providing you with the tools you need to be successful on your journey. This post covers just 10 things you can do using Campaign Monitor, but there’s much more that we offer.

We’re constantly working to add valuable features so that you can increase engagement, grow your subscriber lists, and ultimately win with email marketing.

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