Does Your Marketing Strategy Make the Grade? The Email Scorecard


All through school you received grades on your progress in the various classes you took. While it was probably stressful at the time, especially for those who crammed at the last minute, the feedback was useful.

Now, you can get a similar evaluation for your email marketing with the Email Scorecard. Whether you’re starting out in the world of email marketing or have been doing it for years, the Email Scorecard will evaluate your current strategy and help you see where you can improve.

To get started, you’ll answer a handful of questions about your current email marketing strategy. These questions cover which industry you’re in, what data you’re collecting, whether you’re testing your emails, how you’re growing your lists, as well as a number of other areas in email marketing.

For example, you’ll answer a number of questions on data collection to see how your efforts stack up. The Email Scorecard will then show you what’s going well and what needs a little love. You’ll also be given helpful information and tactics that cover the areas where you can improve.

To help keep all this information fresh in your mind, we’ll send emails with more tips to keep your email marketing in A+ shape.

Wrap up

Everyone, no matter their experience, can gain insights from the Email Scorecard. Make your email marketing a class act, take the Email Scorecard quiz today, and move your marketing to the top of the class.







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