A Look into the Future: 6 Expert Email Marketing Predictions for 2018


If there’s one constant for marketers, it’s change. Digital marketing is undergoing an evolution on a daily basis, and those that fail to learn, change, and grow along with it risk being left in the dust.

Email marketing and automation have long been the workhorses of any marketer’s toolset. After all, automated emails deliver dependable results year after year.

But even good old email marketing has experienced a revolution– it used to be a channel for mass messaging, but today email delivers a uniquely personalized experience.

Thanks to recent advances in the use of behavioral data, marketers of all skill sets and budgets can create automated and personalized experiences for those they serve.

The marketing funnel as we know it is no longer a linear path to conversion. Leads enter and exit at will and may skip entire parts of the funnel. Marketers must now own every touchpoint to ensure a customer journey is consistent, compelling and incredibly on-point.

With all this evolution and revolution, we reached out to six industry experts to get their predictions for what the coming year may have in store. Hold onto your fidget spinners because things are about to get very interesting. Check out our 2018 Predictions and see what they had to say.

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