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You’ve put a lot into building your ecommerce store, and you’re ready to see results. Your ecommerce store has everything—exciting new products, a fresh design, and even a blog. But, after all of that work, you’re not seeing the results you want to see.

Your ecommerce conversion rate is down, and you need to fix it. Fast.

Figuring out how to improve your ecommerce conversion rate can be tricky, but there are legitimate ways to see real results. Read on to discover why you need to focus your efforts on your ecommerce conversion rate today.

You’ll also read about ways to improve your ecommerce conversion rate, plus how other companies have had success with it.

Why you need to focus on your ecommerce conversion rate today

Your ecommerce conversion rate is a direct reflection of how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Higher conversion rates mean your marketing efforts are paying off.

Before we dive into the ways you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate, let’s look at some key data points that’ll drive the direction of your marketing plan.

  • Customer retention is critical. It costs 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to convert an existing customer.
  • Targeting the right market is crucial. Millennials spend the most online, but 66% of people over the age of 50 do their shopping online.
  • Abandoned carts are a pain point. Over 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before completing the checkout process.

There are a couple of takeaways here. First, putting your efforts toward retaining customers and people who abandon their carts is a smart move. Second, when you do get ready to reach for new customers, make sure you’re targeting the market that makes sense for your business.

Now let’s look at some ways you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate.

10 ways to improve your ecommerce conversion rate

While not every business will benefit from each of these tactics, you can combine these techniques to create a marketing plan that’s custom to your ecommerce store.

1. Put together an abandoned cart email campaign.

With over half of all shopping carts being abandoned, this is one area that every ecommerce store can benefit from focusing on.

Take a look at this abandoned cart email example:

Rudy’s uses clever language and pulls in the abandoned items in their abandoned cart emails. They end with a clear request to complete the checkout process.

Source: Really Good Emails

Rudy’s uses a couple of tactics to drive traffic back to their store—not only did they use the abandoned cart email, but they also include a free shipping offer and a message that it’s going to expire soon.

A sense of urgency can be a useful technique in your marketing language.

2. Test and redesign your checkout process.

One easy way to lose potential customers is with a complicated or seemingly unsafe checkout process.

Requiring ecommerce shoppers to create a new account at checkout results in nearly 25% of people abandoning their carts. That’s nearly a quarter of your potential customers.

Allow your customers to checkout using the guest feature to simplify their process and encourage them to complete the purchase.

3. Use exit-intent popups to keep people on your site.

Keeping customers on your site longer is one of the best ways to encourage them to shop with you.

Exit-intent popups can be an effective way to grab people’s attention as they’re getting ready to leave your site or abandon their shopping carts.

Make sure to focus on the critical components in your popup—write a compelling headline, use bold colors, and craft a CTA that hooks your visitors.

4. Send personalized emails to your ecommerce list.

An email best practice is to use personalization when sending out email campaigns to your subscribers.

In fact, personalized emails can lead to an ecommerce conversion rate of 10%, which is a significant statistic since personalization is relatively simple to do with the right tools.

Sift through your customer data points to see where you can add elements of personalization to your email marketing campaigns. Just including the first name may be enough to convert someone.

5. Include a live chat service for your potential customers.

Customer service is still one of the primary reasons people shop (or continue shopping) with a company.

Live chats offer an easy, open line of communication between you and your customer. And 31% of ecommerce shoppers are more likely to purchase after a live chat.

Include the live chat option on your site and make sure you have a clear strategy for handling any chats that come through. You want to maintain excellent customer service.

6. Offer free or flat-rate shipping options in your checkout process.

Shipping costs are one of the top reasons that people abandon their carts at checkout.

Ecommerce shoppers will leave your site in droves if your shipping costs are too high. With 44% of shoppers focused on shipping costs, it’s one area you can capitalize on.

Free shipping offers go a long way in getting people back to your website to complete the checkout process. If that’s not an option, consider offering flat-rate shipping that’s more affordable.

7. Use social media to engage with potential customers.

Social media isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s better to get on board now rather than later.

Customer service needs drive 43% of shoppers to social media, as opposed to marketing needs, which only drive 23% of ecommerce shoppers to social media channels.

Popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a goldmine for finding potential new customers. You can also engage with your existing customers through social media.

8. Consider using ecommerce tools and integrations.

Marketing takes a lot of time, effort, and money, but you can use tools to automate part of your workflow.

Check out the features of a new ecommerce email automation tool:

Campaign Monitor’s new ecommerce email automation tool has a full suite of features to improve your ecommerce conversion rate.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Since email is still the leading marketing practice for high ROI, taking advantage of email marketing automation tools can give you the push you need for higher ecommerce conversion rates.

You’ll also free up some of your time by using ecommerce marketing tools. Automating workflows gives you time to focus your efforts on other marketing tasks that increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

9. Choose a well-known, secure ecommerce platform.

Cybersecurity and online protection are something your potential customers take very seriously.

You’ll want features like these to protect your customers:

BigCommerce offers a comprehensive set of features that include security certifications and infrastructure that can handle almost anything.

Source: BigCommerce

The best ecommerce platforms provide security features like SSL certificates and the ability to routinely backup your data in case something happens to the site.

Security certifications are one of the best ways to communicate to your potential customers that your site’s safe for them to enter their personal information.

10. Optimize your website and marketing campaigns for mobile.

The reality is that the vast majority of people use their smartphones on a daily basis.
And, when it comes to doing research on local businesses, 78% of ecommerce shoppers commit to a purchase after doing their search on a mobile device.

You want your website to be responsive so that it will provide a user-friendly experience to both desktop and mobile customers. Emails and social media campaigns should follow suit.

Ecommerce conversion rate examples that work

Knowing the different ways you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate is one thing, but seeing those techniques in practice gives you an idea of how to make the most of your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Some of the leading ecommerce stores use several of these tactics to boost their conversion rates, and you can use them at any scale to create lasting results.

These top ecommerce sites know how to increase their ecommerce conversion rates:

  • Etsy: a popular ecommerce platform for artists and creatives of all kinds, Etsy calls out its ecommerce security on its homepage as a prominent feature of their service.
  • Wish: one of the top ecommerce sites for inexpensive products, Wish uses a popup to provide an exclusive, customized experience for every shopper.
  • AliExpress: an ecommerce site that connects sellers and buyers, AliExpress, offers an app to provide the best mobile shopping experience possible.

You don’t have to choose just one technique, however. Etsy routinely sends emails that are personalized based on your viewing history, and both Wish and AliExpress send newsletters to their subscribers.

Wrap up

When it comes to improving your ecommerce conversion rate, take a look through this list and see which techniques will work best for your store. And keep these things in mind:

  • You may need to try a few different things to figure out what drives the most sales.
  • Ecommerce tools can increase your digital marketing efficiency.
  • Use multiple different techniques to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

You don’t need to figure out how to use them all. Pick the tactics that make the most sense based on your past experience.

Need an ecommerce email automation solution to boost your productivity? Campaign Monitor’s CM Commerce is a unique tool with comprehensive features to serve your conversion rates.

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