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Following email marketing influencers on Twitter is not only a great way to stay in the know about trends, to gather best practices, and to learn new things–but it can help your business, too. The more you know and apply, the stronger your email marketing becomes.

However, you can’t follow everyone. For this post, we’ve curated a list of 25 email marketing influencers that consistently share great content, insights, and their own expertise about all things email, so keep calm and follow on.

1. Chad White – Litmus

Chat White’s day job is Research Director at Litmus, but he is also an email marketing author, researcher, and trendwatcher. His research and insights have been featured in more than 100 different publications like The New York Times, USA Today, and Fortune. He authored the book Email Marketing Rules, a comprehensive guide aimed at helping people understand the best practices of email. With more than 3,000 posts published on the topic of email marketing, it’s safe to say he knows a bit about the subject matter.

Follow @chadswhite on Twitter

2. Alex Williams – Trendline Interactive

As the Creative Director for Trendline Interactive, Alex Williams has a wealth of experience with all kinds of different elements of email marketing–from copy, to design, strategy, and beyond. He’s been behind the scenes of email marketing with some of the world’s largest brands…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s the self-proclaimed owner of many leather-bound books on email marketing.

Follow @alexcwilliams on Twitter

3. Daniel Codella – ZURB

Daniel heads up Marketing at ZURB, where he thrives on marketing analytics and data. He’s not only skilled in the realm of email marketing, either. His work puts him hands-on with social media, blog content, and much, much more. Content he’s created covers topics like “How welcome emails increase engagement” and “The basics of email metrics.” Added bonus: He loves music, and is an accomplished songwriter–so that’s pretty cool, too.

Follow @mrcodella on Twitter

4. Elliot Ross – Taxi for Email & Action Rocket

Elliot Ross is not only the CEO and Co-Founder of Taxi for Email, an email template-building resource, but he’s also the Managing Director and Founder of Action Rocket, a creative studio for email marketing. His track record is impressive: He’s helped lead email marketing efforts for big brands like The Body Shop, IKEA, the BBC, and British Airways, and is a sought-out speaker on the subject of email marketing, presenting at conferences for IBM, eBay, and Litmus.

Follow @iamellot on Twitter

5. Philip Storey – Enchant

Enchant’s Founder, Phillip Storey, has more than 12 years of experience in the world of email marketing–and it’s the foundation of his CRM consultancy. Not only has he lead email strategy for more than 250 different companies, but he’s also won countless awards for his work in the field from the DMA, Travel Marketing Awards, and more. His clients refer to him as their go-to source of email related-expertise.

Follow @phillipstorey on Twitter

6. Matthew Smith – Really Good Emails | Fathom & Draft

Founder of both Really Good Emails and creative agency Fathom & Draft, Matthew’s career spans design work for companies like The Gates Foundation, U.S. Postal Service, Fox, MIT, and Seth Godin, and he’s led creative for world-class startups. So when it comes to email design, we’d say he’s a really good source.

Follow @whale on Twitter

7. Justin Khoo – FreshInbox

Justin Khoo is passionate about email marketing and is a proponent for modern email clients that support the latest advancements in email design. When he’s not tackling email related topics on the FreshInbox blog, you can find him sharing interesting news about email bugs that can wreak havoc on your marketing efforts or researching email techniques for Email on Acid.

Follow @adventix on Twitter

8. Jaymin Bhuptani – Email Monks

Jaymin Bhuptani is the Master Monk at Email Monks, where he leads a group of designers and coders who offer expert email design services. His business requires him to stay at the forefront of email marketing news and trends–and that’s what he does. Along the way, he’s worked with clients like Disney, Oracle, National Geographic, and more. Bhuptani shares a wealth of interesting email-related content, covering topics like “Driving conversions on drip campaigns” and “How to score a winning international email goal.”

Follow @jayminbhuptani on Twitter

9. Kath Pay – Holistic Email Marketing

Kath Pay, Founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing is a speaker, trainer, and consultant on the topic of conversion-oriented email marketing. Vocus named her one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers in 2014, and she’s worked with brands like eBay, Tommy Hilfiger, and Facebook on email strategy. In her spare time, she is an international speaker and she heads up training for Advanced Email Marketing at Econsultancy.

Follow @kathpay on Twitter

10. Jordie van Rijn – EmailMonday

Named one of Entrepreneur’s 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016 and Huffington Post’s 23 Thought Leaders Every Online Marketer Must Know, Jordie van Rijn is a master of email marketing. His specialties include everything from online marketing strategy to email automation and more. He works as an independent consultant, sharing his expertise with big brands and at various speaking engagements around the globe.

Follow @jvanrijn on Twitter

11. Dan Oshinsky –  BuzzFeed

Dan Oshinsky is the Senior Newsletter editor at BuzzFeed and heads up the multitude of email newsletters that are sent out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers every week (so, yeah, he knows a little bit about email marketing.) His insights on email automation, segmentation, and personalization are something we can all learn from.

Follow @danoshinsky on Twitter

12. Bryan Harris –  Videofruit

When it comes to growing an email list, Bryan Harris knows all about how to do that, and FAST. As the Founder of VideoFruit, he helps marketers figure out how to reach the 1,000 email subscriber mark quickly through his tried and tested methods that are proven to work. His course teaches participants a step by step process for efficient, quality list growth.

Follow @harris_bryan on Twitter

13.  Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World, and since 2007, he has been publishing valuable content on the topic of content creation (including email marketing.) He’s also an evangelist for the power of email, and regularly shares his insight on why this medium is so important.

Follow @JoePulizzi on Twitter


14. Sundeep Kapur – Email Yogi

Looking for marketing zen? Then Sundeep Kapur, AKA the Email Yogi, is a perfect match for you. His blog aims to teach marketers how to use email to communicate effectively with customers. More than 58,000 people already follow him on Twitter and look forward to his regular email-related content.

Follow @emailyogi on Twitter

15. Dennis Wakabayashi – The Integer Group

As the Group Director of Digital Marketing and Integration at the Integer Group, Dennis Wakabayashi prides himself on executing email marketing for global brands. He’s worked with companies like McDonald’s, Beck’s Beer, Mary Kay, and many more, and has a solid track record of email marketing success.

Follow @dwakabayashi on Twitter

16. Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella

Mumbrella’s Founder and Content Director Tim Burrowes is an award-winning journalist, publisher, speaker, and business owner. Based in Australia, he leads the editorial team for Focal Attractions and uses his marketing knowledge with depth and breadth to cover everything under Australia’s media and marketing umbrella.

Follow @Mumbrella on Twitter

17. Chris Arrendale – Inbox Pros

The CEO at Inbox Pros, Chris Arrendale, is an expert when it comes to email security and privacy. As a consultant and speaker on a wide range of topics related to email, he strives to share what he knows on a regular basis. His company blog is a go-to resource on topics like deliverability and privacy for many.

Follow @arrendale on Twitter

18. Ros Hodgekiss – Campaign Monitor

If you’re interested in the world of email design, Ros is definitely one to follow. She’s a Customer Success Manager at Campaign Monitor, and as such lives and breathes email marketing on a daily basis. She has also spent more than five years writing definitive HTML email guides and resources for designers. Oh, and Litmus named her a Top Email Marketing Thought Leader, too. She’s kind of a big deal…

Follow @yarrcat on Twitter

19. Jeanne Jennings –

As an independent consultant, Jeanne Jennings works with enterprise level organizations to improve their email strategies. She’s also a popular speaker on the subject of email marketing and has been named one of the Top Email Marketing Leaders to Follow by Worldata, one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers, and an Email Marketing and Thought Leader on Twitter.

Follow @jeajen on Twitter

20. Jaina Mistry

Jaina is a self-proclaimed #emailgeek and has definitely earned her street cred in that regard. A British expat living in Bahrain she works in all aspects of email marketing, from conceptualizing campaigns to designing & building fully responsive emails and analyzing email performance. She’s also a contributor to the Campaign Monitor blog and Resources.

Follow @jainamistry on Twitter

21. Andrew King – Campaign Monitor

Andrew’s day job is to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends and breakthroughs in email marketing. His Twitter feed is a continuous stream of knowledge that can make even an email novice feel like a pro. He’s also a frequent contributor to our blog as well as Marketing Land and curates epic boards of email examples on Pinterest.

Follow on @akingkiwi Twitter

22. DJ Waldow – Free Agent

As the former Director of Marketing at Zignal Labs and now a “free agent”, DJ Waldow has a finger on the pulse of all kinds of different areas of marketing–from email to social and beyond. He regularly shares that knowledge as an author and speaker. He even wrote a book, called The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing. Bonus: He’s funny. His sparkling personality shines through in everything he creates.

Follow @djwaldow on Twitter

23. Ann Handley – MarketingProfs

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and the author of two books: Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content and Content Rules. When she’s not tackling topics like email marketing, she’s probably writing for publications like Entrepreneur or giving a keynote speech. And to further prove she really knows her stuff: She’s been dubbed a LinkedIn Influencer. Word on the street is she hands out rainbow pens at conferences. Now that’s cool.

Follow @marketingprofs on Twitter

24. Joanna Wiebe – Copyhackers

Joanna Wiebe knows how to craft email copy that converts–and she’s been writing it for more than 10 years. She’s an entrepreneur and copywriter who regularly shares amazing content on her blog, Copyhackers, that teaches others how to write effectively and to drive sales. If you’re interested in improving your email copywriting skills, Joanna is worth a follow–the content she shares on social media can teach you all kinds of new strategies.

Follow @copyhackers on Twitter

25. Demian Farnworth – Rainmaker Digital

Demian is the Chief Content Writer for Rainmaker Digital, and for more than 10 years, he’s honed his craft to become an expert in writing emails and content that compel readers to act. He’s worked with clients like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Copyblogger, as well as within a variety of vastly different industries. His blog, The Copybot, shares helpful writing tips that can help any writer improve his or her abilities.

Follow @demianfarnworth on Twitter

Wrap up

The people featured on this list of 25 email marketing influencers to follow, have oodles of experience you can learn from. Following them on Twitter is an easy way to be exposed to the content and resources they regularly share, so be sure to take a look at what they have to offer.

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. The content provided in this blog ("Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.
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