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There’s no shame in saying that you love watching your subscriber list get bigger each day. Really, it’s a bit like home gardening. If you grow your list organically and tend to it with quality content, then you’ll be rewarded – in this case, with responsive email campaigns. And that’s really cool to watch over time.

Now, I’m going to get told off for promoting ‘vanity metrics’ (because we all know it’s about quality, not quantity), but sometimes, folks just want to progressively know how their list growth is going, especially during an online promotion, or an event that involves signing up a lot of new subscribers. So, lets rip through a couple of ways you can do this.

In your account

When keeping a close eye on the number of subscribers that have signed up to your lists, nothing comes close to actually looking in your Campaign Monitor account. Each list is accompanied by an animated graph that is not only pretty to look at, but comes with useful tooltips.

In your account

However, this involves logging into your account every time you need an update. Thankfully, there are other options available to the data-hungry folks amongst us.

In your RSS reader

While we’re still looking at the subscriber list reports in the app, you may notice the ‘Subscribe to list activity’ link just above the list growth graph. Awesomely enough, this lets you subscribe to an RSS feed, which is updated daily with list stats:

In an RSS reader

All you need is an RSS reader and you’re in action. But that’s not all…

By email

We get asked every now and then about receiving list size updates via email. Using a 3rd party RSS-to-email service like Feed My Inbox, it’s possible to receive daily alerts. Simply copy the ‘Subscribe to list activity’ RSS link in your subscriber list, then use it to setup email updates.

Feed My Inbox

But if you like to aggregate all your numbers in one place…

In a dashboard

If you’re a real stats and monitoring junkie, you’ve probably heard (or are using) a dashboard like Geckoboard. Using the ‘Campaign Monitor #1’ widget from GeckoFuel within Geckoboard, you can track multiple lists via super-minimal line graphs:


Geckoboard currently offers a 30-day free trial, with ongoing plans starting from $9 a month. It not only looks great on your monitor or swank ‘information radiator’, but has been optimized for the iPad and iPhone, too. Find out more about Geckoboard, straight from the gecko’s mouth (uh, their site).

Again, it’s important to remember that effective email marketing is not a numbers game. Each of your subscribers are real people and the goal should be to develop happy, responsive lists by providing valuable content. However, we all love vanity metrics, especially if things go well after a signup drive, so my all means grow your lists, kick back and enjoy the show.

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