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Regardless of whether you’re on a date, at a job interview, or kicking off a night on the karaoke, there’s nothing like leaving a good first impression. Email campaigns are no different – when new subscribers sign up for your awesome mailing list, do you give them a positive first impression of what’s to come?

Thanks to our friends at Monster Threads, we’ve got an email that we’d like to share as inspiration for your introductory campaigns. Plus, we’ve thrown in a couple of words on best practice for good measure.

‘This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…’

Apart from being a great customer of ours, Monster Threads designs and sells artsy t-shirts online, at markets and at music festivals. Recently, they collected a number of newsletter signups from their market stalls, then added them to their Campaign Monitor subscriber list. Soon after, new subscribers were sent this email:


“We bought an old typing machine so people could have fun signing up for our list. We have to be interactive to get people to sign up – a simple A4 list is not good enough.”
-Rafael, Monster Threads

If you have a confirmed, or double opt in subscription process, then these sort of emails may be quite familiar to you – with Campaign Monitor, you can arrange for a confirmation message to be sent after someone signs up, to make sure they’ve entered a valid email address. In this case, a single opt in process was used – and this email was sent to get the ball rolling.

So, what do we like about this campaign? First of all, it tells the reader where they signed up for the newsletter. Ah, the markets! Check. Secondly, it lets them know that they’ve been added to the Monster Threads mailing list. Check. Finally, it’s just so personal – apart from being really polite about subscribing you to their list, there’s this message at the end of the email:


In my impression, the human touch makes all the difference to a campaign. There’s nothing more disheartening than to receive an automated email from a [email protected] address, so to actually know that there’s someone on the other end, who actually wants to respond your questions is a win.

Additional things we would like to see added to this email include when the next newsletter will be sent, a sample of what it will contain and how often we can expect to receive newsletters after that. This is not only best practice but a sure-fire way to manage the reader’s expectations while minimizing the potential for spam complaints. In short, the more you can tell your subscribers about how they signed up and what future campaigns will bring, the better.

Have you sent a great introductory campaign? Or is there something else that should be added to this email? Let us know in the comments below!

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