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Since we released a stack of new methods for our API back in February, we’ve been genuinely blown away by all the cool integrations our customers have been doing. There was the new Joomla modules and an ExpressionEngine extension. Not to mention the other plugins currently under development that we’ll be announcing soon.

On top of integrating Campaign Monitor into third-party applications, we’ve also heard from customers building their own solutions and integrating them directly in our software. A great example of this is Post Poster, an automated email building tool from web development shop Infoding. I recently chatted with Adriaan Stellingwerff from the Infoding team about why they built Post Poster, how it works and what the results have been.

What inspired you to build Post Poster?

Post Poster

The real-world need of a client was the inspiration behind Post Poster. Design agency Hoverkraft had a client that needed to promote their cultural events through a weekly HTML email. The client publishes their events on two different websites, the newsletter had to be simple to send out without time-consuming cutting and pasting.

Hoverkraft suggested using Campaign Monitor and its API, from this we developed an application on top of the API that automatically pulls posts from both of the client’s websites and compiles them into a nice looking HTML newsletter.

How does the application work?

Post Poster interfaces with both the client’s websites and Campaign Monitor. Through Post Poster’s admin interface the user can select which posts he/she wants to include in a newsletter. The selection can currently be based on a date range or by selecting individual posts. Here’s an example of it in action.

Post Poster in action

The posts that fit the selection criteria are pulled in from the websites, and rendered in both an HTML newsletter template and a plain text version. A preview is presented to the user. If the user is happy with the preview they submit the newsletter to Campaign Monitor for sending in a single click. The screenshot below shows the live preview of the dynamically generated email.


This automatically creates a draft and then sends that draft to their subscribers using the Campaign Monitor API. The monitoring of statistics is handled through Campaign Monitor’s brilliant reporting tools.

That’s the essence of it. Of course different clients will have slightly different needs, so we can always customise the app to suit their exact needs.

What has the feedback been like from your clients?

They’ve been very happy! The original client that inspired the app has been using it for a while now, and it’s been a great step forward for them. Both in terms of how professional the emails look and the time they save every issue. They used to send out plain text emails which they cut and paste together. Now it’s just a matter of a few clicks for a nicely laid out HTML newsletter with loads of great reports on the results.

If you’ve built your own email solution for your clients with our API, make sure you get in touch so we can share your story.

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