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Hello, my name is Ros and I’m a statistics junkie. I get an unusual thrill from delving into email campaign reports, finding out that a particularly successful blog post delivered truckloads more traffic than its peers, or putting numbers to all the tweets we send. So it was with great relish that I plunged headlong into Raven, a web app for managing Internet marketing and social media campaigns in one central location. Now that it can pull in reports (opens, clicks, bounces, etc) from Campaign Monitor, I feel that a terrible geek dream had been realized. Web analytics, social media and email metrics, together? Say it’s not so!

Lets walk through what Raven’s web analytics and campaign reporting tools can offer to email marketers, agencies and stats-nerds alike.

Getting started

Thanks to Raven’s 30-day free demo, I signed up for an Agency account and gave it a spin. After an un-stressful 10-15 minute setup process that requires you to to drag in your existing Google Analytics data via the app, you start off with something that looks like a re-skinned edition of GA:


What’s surprising is how quickly the reports are displayed for the last 30 days’ worth of traffic data. I’ve been previously conditioned to go make a coffee while Google Analytics works its muscle, however this isn’t the case with the ol’ bird. Most reports are generated near- instantaneously, or with a few seconds lag here and there.

At this point it’s possible to spend an eternity fooling around with user profiles, Facebook and Twitter tracking and even how the app’s dashboard looks. However, I promised that we’d talk about Campaign Monitor integration, so…

Pulling your Campaign Monitor reports into Raven

Within Raven’s ‘Email’ tab is where most of the magic happens. To start off, you are prompted to enter your Campaign Monitor API key. This authorizes the app to pull in all existing sent campaign reports for a particular Campaign Monitor client account:


Once this is set up, the first thing can you do is view your Campaign Monitor campaign reports within Raven. This is particularly good if you want to centralize your reporting when it would otherwise be spread across Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics and whatever else you use to measure your marketing efforts. But its real value is in demonstrating to your clients or company how an email performed directly alongside other channels, like banner ads or a social media campaign.

Email Campaign Report

What’s even cooler is that your campaign reports can be exported from Raven as pretty, rebrandable PDFs, perfect for printing and emailing to clients or the boss. I wish we’d thought of that:

Pretty PDF report

Imported campaign reports can also be turned into ‘events’ by defining a start date (when the campaign was sent) and end date (when the campaign ‘finished’ – it can be a few days after, or at the end of a promotion). These events can then be superimposed over a variety of reporting timelines to illustrate the impact your email campaign had on inbound traffic to your site. Here’s an example highlighting the site visits generated by our August newsletter event, in addition to traffic generated by our tweets, RSS feed and other sources:

Email campaign event

Of course all this comes at a price. Raven offers 4 monthly plans, based on how many sites you need to monitor, whether you need white-labelling, the number of search keywords you want to track, the list goes on. Each of the plans can be extended if you need more user accounts, more link data… Really, this is some hefty price matrix. The good news is that each of the plans can be trialled free for 30 days without needing to hand over the company credit card. Which is enough time to work out which plan is right for your company.

The skinny is that Raven is an incredibly powerful tool for monitoring and reporting on your online presence, aimed squarely at marketers, agencies and folks with an urge to measure the impact that their efforts with SEM, social media and email are having. It’s also significantly faster and less overwhelming than Google Analytics. So, if inbound traffic, search rankings and the like matter to your business, then Raven’s up your alley.

Oh, did I mention that there’s a Raven iPhone and iPad app?

For more information and to kick off a 30-day free trial, visit Raven’s website.

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