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What can you do with Canvas? We’ve collected 6 of our favorite customer campaigns, to show you what can be achieved with a little creativity – and without having to write a single line of code!

Since its launch back in June, we’ve been hard at work improving our email builder, Canvas. But what’s more interesting than our tinkering is what our customers have done with it. From creating original templates using custom fonts and colors, to major overhauls of existing email campaigns, we’ve seen a lot of creative takes on our 10 starter designs.

Without any further delay, let’s take a look at 6 of our favorite email campaigns, created using Canvas. From whimsical works to as corporate as it gets, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration for your own email templates here.

uScore Netball

Designed by Jarrod Taylor, using the Blush template

For those outside of the Commonwealth, the “sport” of netball is a Hunger Games-like ritual in which parents enlist their teenage daughters to duke it out on a wind-swept court in the dead of winter. Despite this, I appreciate three things about this email campaign. First of all, uScore’s use of Canvas’ fonts and colors customization has meant that this responsive email template is totally on-brand. Second, it’s a very approachable welcome email, that explains its value to the reader from the start. Finally, the perky color palette, paired with fitness and fashion tips make this an enjoyable read – even if you’re still a little battle-scarred like me.

Kitchen, Living and Dining

Designed by Kitchen, Living & Dining, using the Mason template

We wanted to find a template with a more corporate look and feel – and campaigns created using our Mason template seemed like a great place to start. However, corporate doesn’t have to mean boring. In this example, Kitchen, Living and Dining used Mason’s calming grey-blue palette to make their product photo totally jump out; the result is a sincere-looking email newsletter, but not one that’s dull in the least.


Designed by FELICES Communicology & PR, using the Fresh template

You can tell this is an email for a Spanish design company from a mile away. RED’s use of bright red headings and buttons, as well as the 3-column product grid featuring Picasso-like sketches and forms straight from el Movimiento Moderno make this a truly unique email design.

Rooftop Cinema

Designed by Open Season, using the Slate template

Here’s another example of an email that has been carefully customized – and as a result, matches the Rooftop Cinema site perfectly. The one-column layout makes this email a pleasure to read on mobile devices.

Best practices aside, I was personally quite thrilled to include an email campaign featuring Matthew McConaughey.

The Explainers

Designed by The Explainers, using the Hue template

The panda mask. The ax. The OCD-assembled workspace. What does it all mean? The Explainers don’t explain everything in this email newsletter, but they do make an impression with their “Viking AV Club Bulletin”. The invitation to like the email or leave is certainly brave, but it was a bet that paid off – we really couldn’t pass up on this original template when making a short-list of our favorite Canvas campaigns.


Designed by TypeEd, using the Broadsheet template

Finally, the type nerds amongst us forced our hand here – how could we pass up on a pica-perfect campaign from our friends at TypeEd? Note how the two-column layout harmoniously merges into one on mobile devices for easy reading, while the yellow links and buttons provide continuity from inbox to site. Paired with educational content, this newsletter makes for an engaging read.

These are just a few of the thousands of unique campaigns created by our customers this year. Sadly, we couldn’t feature them all, so we’re turning to you – did you create a campaign that you’re proud of, using the Canvas email builder? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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