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The other month, Marketing Sherpa published the results from a survey on the most effective email list growth tactics. This survey was conducted amongst 1,100 marketers, to gauge how important a variety of tactics were considered to be, from the point of view of their respective organizations. Here’s what they found:

Most effective list building tactics

Note that this is based on ‘perceived’ effectiveness, over actual signups/conversions. Nonetheless, from the experiences of the marketers surveyed, a solid takeaway can be found. Getting folks to sign up to your newsletter is about building trust and offering value – such as offering a download – over simply throwing up a form and hoping that people will stumble upon it. As the Marketing Sherpa team points out:

“These results align well with content marketing strategies. Tactics that deliver value to the customer such as purchased products, downloaded material and webinars develop trusted relationships which enable customers to share email addresses and contact information. For this reason, company blogs and published articles have become an excellent method of capturing email addresses.”

Or as The Beatles would say, ‘the love you take is equal to the love you make‘.

Building an effective subscribe form

So with this in mind, what should we keep in mind when designing subscribe forms? Here’s a couple of tips:

  • Offer something valuable. Why do folks need to signup to your newsletter? Are you offering exclusive news, offers or product support?
  • Show examples. Link to a newsletter archive, or at least a sample email to build trust and get rid of some of the uncertainty.
  • Keep it short. The more questions you ask in the subscribe form, the less likely folks will be to pursue it until the end.
  • Be creative, try a variety of tactics. Did you know that featuring a video on a signup page can up the conversion rate? Or that you can display forms based on site behaviour? Given that we’ve moved beyond simply adding nondescript forms to our sites, there’s no lack of approaches you can take to collecting signups.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you. Which of the tactics above do you use and find to work best? Let us know in the comments below. Many thanks to Toddle for letting us know about this report!

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