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Normally when you send a campaign, you just need to know which links were the most popular. Campaign Monitor helps make this clear by combining all clicks on a particular link into one bar in your link activity report, even if that link appears more than once.

There are other times that you’d prefer to see each instance of a link reported separately, even though they all link to the same page. For example, if you are testing the location of a link to see which performs best. Here’s a simple way to make that happen.

Link activity report showing two versions of a link to the homepage

Step 1: Make your links ‘unique’

All that is required is making each link slightly different, without affecting the end location. The simplest way is to add a dummy parameter to your href. So if you have this link 3 times in your email:

<a href=””>

You can add a simple parameter to the end of the URL each time you use it, like so:

<a href=”“>

To Campaign Monitor, those two URLs are now different links, and will be shown separately in the link activity reports. The destination website, on the other hand, will happily load the same page each time. You can use whatever parameter makes sense to you, like a link location, number or name.

Step 2: Make sure your links still work!

While in most cases, a parameter like this won’t make any difference to your web server, you’ll want to click the links to make sure. There are some content management systems which won’t like unexpected parameters on a URL, and fail to load the right destination page.

That’s it! It’s a simple tip, but something that might come in handy for you or your clients. We’re always interested in hearing your tips too, so if you have any little tricks or time savers your use with Campaign Monitor, leave us a comment and share them with us.

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