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The following post comes courtesy of our guest blogger, Anna Yeaman, from Style Campaign, an email marketing and design agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Through a combination of A/B testing with Campaign Monitor and use of animation, Style Campaign discovered that it could lift an email campaign’s click-through rate by an additional 26%.


I recently ran an A/B test on an email campaign on behalf of our client, Dressed Up!, to determine if embedding an animated image increases click-throughs. In order to do so, I prepared two emails with a slight variation (click to view emails in a new window):

The animated GIF in Email Version B consists of six frames and plays in the majority of email clients:


Testing the waters

Initially I stuck to subject line tests. These take seconds to set up and the payoff can be substantial. For example, here are the subject lines we used for our September newsletter:

  • Subject line A: ‘[firstname,fallback=Check out] – Mobile & Animated Emails’
  • Subject Line B: ‘Texting (SMS) & Email :: 360 Product Photo :: Animated GIFs’

My money was on the short, personalized subject line. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Subject line B increased our open rate by 250%. Bolstered by the discovery that a five-year-old could set up an A/B test, I started to test email content.

Setting up the A/B test

Under the A/B split campaign tab, I was given three choices:

  1. Subject Line
  2. Email Content
  3. From Name

I selected Email Content for use in this A/B test. At this stage I also entered the subject line, ‘VIDEO: Susan Boyle Makeover :: Fall Tadashi Gowns Modelled’, which would be used for both versions:


As normal, you are prompted to import your HTML email creative. The only difference is that you do this twice. Then, after selecting my recipients, I moved on to defining the A/B split.

I’ll admit that the segmentation feature intimidates me, so I was relieved that this part of the process was so intuitive. Dragging the bar, I set it up so that 25% of Dressed Up! subscribers received Version A and 25% received Version B. The remaining 50% would receive the winning version.

Underneath I selected, ‘Total clicks on selected link’. This allowed me to determine a winner based on the number of clicks the video graphic received, rather than total unique clicks:


Finally I set the A/B test to run for 5 hours, after which time the winner would be sent to the remaining subscribers.

It takes only a couple of minutes to set up an A/B content test. I had no problems on my first run though, without reading any documentation!

The Results

Overall, Version B generated a 26% increase in the click-through rate, in comparison to the non-animated version of the email. One explanation is that the animated GIF draws the eye, further acting as a visual cue by crudely simulating video.

My client was thrilled by the results, which I presented to him as a PDF, via the Campaign Snapshot page.

I’ll be doing more A/B tests to refine this technique, such as testing three animated frames vs. nine frames, to see if more images result in higher conversions. On top of this I’ll be testing a horizontal vs. vertical layouts, after being inspired by this unique Abercrombie & Fitch email.

I’d love to hear from other Campaign Monitor users, what A/B tests have you carried out?

– Anna Yeaman,
Follow Style Campaign on Twitter (@stylecampaign)

To learn more about embedding video into email, visit our resource, ‘The Current State of Video in Email’

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