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If creating beautiful emails is your calling, then listen in – we’ve just released a bulletproof background generator and button generator, as part of our whole new resource page. Yes, two tools for adding Outlook-ready email newsletters – and you don’t even have to be a customer to use them!

Sending an email campaign that gets results across the most popular email clients requires both the right tools and a bit of know-how. So, while we’ve put our all into making Campaign Monitor a valuable service for designers and marketers, providing resources to help you make the most of your campaigns has always been a huge priority, too.

So, we’re pleased to finally let loose a bulletproof background and button generator – alongside a huge bundle of resources – for everyone to use. Here’s a quick overview as to how they can help you with your email designs.

Cut coding time with our bulletproof generators

If you’ve ever tried to code with Microsoft Outlook in mind, you’ll know that frankly, it sucks. First of all, it doesn’t conventionally support background images. Secondly, the VML code required to workaround this is something that no kindhearted individual should ever have to endure. But sadly, Outlook is still a highly popular email client, especially amongst our corporate friends.

However, our new generators are designed to take heartbreak out of making your call-to-actions and backgrounds look great. Simply provide the background images and colors you wish to use and we’ll provide a real-time preview, plus code, ready to add to your HTML email campaign. We’ve hosted these generators on two new easy-to-remember domains, so you can share them with your team and fellow email coders:

If you know someone who needs to use emails backgrounds and buttons that don’t break down in Outlook, pass ’em on!

Master email design techniques with our learning center

Which email clients support web fonts? How can I improve my delivery rates? And what is responsive design, anyway?

Anyone who’s even remotely tinkered with email marketing knows that the initial learning curve is steeper than a San Franciscan street. We’ve been there, so we’ve come up with a fantastic collection of guides to explain email marketing fundamentals like permission, what techniques work and how you can improve upcoming email sends. All of them have been written in easy-to-understand language and have loads of practical tips that you can apply straight away – to any campaign, on any platform.

As we work to keep our resources up-to-date, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. Is there a guide or resource you’d like to see? Or do you simply have a pressing email question? Get in touch with us directly, or feel free to leave a comment below.

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